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What 4 receptions will help to be in time and work and to have the blog or to write articles?

All great popularity get various methods of self-expression on the Internet today - blogging, writing of e-books or articles in To School of life . Of course, certain individuals completely refuse traditional work to have an opportunity to pay all attention to children own online. However the majority of us does not leave traditional offices or audiences of higher education institutions - we see a problem of optimum combination of creativity on the Internet and activity in real life. Let`s try to define receptions which will help to solve this difficult problem.

You approach creativity in the Internet it is realistic.

Try to carry out an assessment of what quantity of blog entries or articles will allow you to win popularity in online community, what is the time it is required to you for creation of such volume of materials what amount of time, free from the main work, you have. You should not rush to a whirlpool with the head, and already then to find out that you are not able to maintain the set rate of updating own diary online - of course, in To School of life the regularity of the birth of new articles is not so critical. If you understand that to be in time will be engaged in the blog for you difficult, try other option - to create a joint resource with other people similar to you in interests. For example, the blog about marketing can be developed with the expert in the same area but working in other industry - so you not only you will achieve regular updates, but also you will increase interest in your project.

Define time when your creativity reaches peak. the right hemisphere of a human brain more is responsible

For creativity. At different people it becomes more active during the different periods of day. Someone can create a magnificent note, having put an alarm clock on an hour earlier, and someone will much better cope with this task late night. There are people to whom ingenious thoughts come to time of occupations by run, swimming, washing of ware, a driving... and some, as we know, are capable to skreativit the table of chemical elements directly in a dream. Try to define the moment, optimum for you, for creativity - then works will be much simpler to be born.

Decide on obligatory indicators and deadlines.

If to set the task to write at least five notes a week and all ways to try to obtain its achievement, then it is possible to have a big share of confidence that your blog will be regularly updated. When maintaining the joint diary with other person critical indicators can be established in common - then the confidence in their performance will be higher. For a bigger strengthening of a sense of responsibility it is possible to tell openly in plans for writing of works to all readers directly in the blog.

To pass day - it is not deadly.

If some really good reasons forced you to depart from the drawn-up plan, is not necessary to a posypatgolov ashes and to refuse resumption of work. Everyone happens - and the one who is able to rise after falling appears the winner usually. Even after an unplanned break return to the drawn-up plans.

I wish to your blog more readers, and to articles in To School of life it is more than five!