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What is a press - service and whether it is necessary to you?

In order that knew about your firm and appreciated it or goods which it lets out it is necessary that about you constantly something was heard (saw, tried). And for the organization of a regular information stream you need the expert.

If you need it, then you have a choice: to address in PR - agency or to try to create at itself a press - service. Of course, it is possible to unite these two ways, but then PR - agency and a press - service have to work in a tandem and help each other, but not disturb.

If you decided to choose something one, then have to consider:

1. The services PR - agencies will cost you in a round sum. - it is better for agency to address PR if you need a short-term, but large-scale advertizing campaign with use of both direct, and indirect advertizing.

2. To create at himself a press - service or to hire a press - the secretary it is possible with smaller expenses, but efficiency of its work will depend directly on you as from the head and from that, how honestly a press - the secretary will fulfill the duties.

So, you decide whether it is necessary to you a press - service (a press - the secretary). First of all it is necessary to realize, than she has to be engaged. The press - services enters functions:

- to monitor trends in the market in which you work in respect of lighting it in mass media and preparation of monitoring for you for the set subject (viewing of mass media and selection of materials on the set subject; their analysis regarding presence at materials of your company or the companies of competitors; preparation of offers on response to these or those materials);

- preparation a press - releases and information materials about new goods or services;

- work with mass media (advertizing and advertizing materials)

- preparation and carrying out a press - conferences and briefings.

- in case at your company is the website, providing the website with information materials (news of the company, materials about goods and services, interview with the management, etc.)

If all this is necessary to you, then we look for a press - the secretary or we create a press - service. In case you have a big company and volume of a lot of work, it is better to take several people and to decide on the head a press - services. If the volume of work is not so big, it is possible to take one person - a press - the secretary.

The press - the secretary (the head a press - services) is better to take the person with journalistic education. If your company is engaged in finance, it is quite good that at a press - the secretary there was economic education.

If you found such person, accurately set the tasks for him and define in what form a press - the secretary will report to you, otherwise it can actively do visibility of work and nothing any more.

But except that a press - the secretary owes you, you should know that you for effective work have to make a press - services. First of all to provide a press - to the secretary normal technical base - the computer, the phone / fax, the scanner, the camera, a dictophone, etc. Besides, it is necessary to organize (actually, to allocate funds) on a subscription to the mass media necessary for work. As a rule, the subscription to official and profile mass media, or mass media in which there are sections on your profile is organized.

Also you remember that the main thing that your press - the secretary had, so to speak, access to a body in sense to you and your deputies. Because if the management of the company works separately, and a press - service separately, it brings only one result - you pay a salary for anything.

Successful to you work and only good news!