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What is Theosophy?

So developed that it is difficult for person to live without belief. Sooner or later everyone begins to feel need for this vital support. To a support for the thoughts, acts, hopes.

The modern public culture mixed with experience of mankind gives the whole bouquet of various religious trends, sects, philosophical doctrines and scientific knowledge of life at choice. Often the spiritual way of the personality is defined by public or national factors, in fact, without leaving to the person an option. Difficult, being given rise in Saudi Arabia, to adhere to Catholic or Protestant religion.

But what to do to those who cannot accept any religion in its standard look?

What to do if you understand bases, but categorically do not agree with ways of giving and tinsel of ceremonies? What to do if you the materialist and the idealist in one person?

Many times the journalist of a noble origin Helena Petrovna Blavatsky asked similar questions. This woman lived bright and unusual life, having reserved the whole doctrine and followers on all globe. Perhaps, is not present on the earth of the place where it would not leave the marks. About two years she lived in a wigwam, studying life of Indians. Having moved to Texas, she began to subdue the wild life of the West full of adventures, worthy the real western. Mystical Africa is farther. Blavatskaya went deep into studying of the Egyptian magic and an occultism. Curiosity and thirst for knowledge threw it on the world`s end, in Papua. There Blavatskaya decides to refuse the benefits of a civilization and adjoins breeding community. Having lived year the Papuan life, she nearly married the local native. But the same draft forced it to move further, to the country of elephants and chess. India was always Elena Petrovna`s weakness. Rada - Bai - will call it later when all India and the whole world recognizes this great woman.

In 1875 Blavatskaya with the friend Henry Steel Olkott founded Teosofsky society. The Theosophy is a divine wisdom, sophistication about God, the neobuddhism, synthesis of a mystical bogopoznaniye and rational philosophy. What so terribly and unclear sounds can be simplified to three main canons of this doctrine:

1. A universal brotherhood, regardless of skin color, race, a floor, religion or a caste.

2. Comparative studying of religions, sciences and philosophies.

3. Research of unknown laws of the nature and hidden internal forces of the person.

Blavatskaya published a set of works in which she was engaged in comparison of all nowadays existing vital support. She proves in the logical way relationship of all religions of the world. Specifies the only source of all branches. She separately considers everyone and openly narrates about positive and negative sides of the doctrine. The science, religion and philosophy speak to us about same. Here example of symbiosis of scientific experience and religious: In the Bible it is told that God created the world in seven days. In the first day God created the sky and the earth, in the second separated water from the land, for the third day - created plants, on the fourth - stars, and by seventh day its great work was completely finished. And so, mistrust to the Bible at some people begins with the first verses of the Old Testament. The person understands that in seven days to create everything that surrounds him, it is just impossible! But Blavatskaya finds almost scientific explanation for seven-day work of God. The answer is stored Hinduism and Buddha. The matter is that one day of life of Buddha are four billion three hundred twenty million terrestrial years. It is quite probable that in seven such days God finished designing of our Universe. These figures coincide with presumable calculations of scientists, only God they call evolution.

The Theosophy is an esoteric doctrine, that is, the doctrine for devoted. For those who see gaps in the Bible and do not go to priests. Sinners cannot absolve sins to sinners. Blavatskaya left to the present deep knowledge of religion, philosophy, science, having given chance to mankind to get stronger and unite. To unite world religions, having got rid of stereotypes and corruption in them. A universal brotherhood, regardless of skin color, race, a floor, religion or a caste.

The most large number of theosophists - in India and North America. But in general, society is not numerous and is practically supported by nobody. The idea of a universal brotherhood remains a utopia while religions continue to be split up, bringing closer new wars.