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How to achieve success?

you young specialist? Or soon it you will be? Whether you think already now, standing at the beginning of the career way, how to make progress the fellow traveler? This darling one and all both men and women the subject differs in willful temper and difficult character. To make friends with it it is difficult, but perhaps and it is very useful.

One of the first points to which you should pay attention at achievement of this purpose is the human factor. Pay attention to people around. And thinking of what they can give you, do not forget about what you can make for them how to thank. You remember also that, first of all, you should pay attention to yourself. The famous American psychologist Gil Shpigel speaks: Does not concern People how much you know while they do not learn as far as you are concerned by them . There are several principles, following which, you will be able easily to find contact with people around that will be necessary both in life, and in career. Here they:

to be able to look in the face to the interlocutor.

to be able to listen.

to be able to ask questions.

to Show self-confidence.

to Show sense of humour.

to be honest.

to Love and respect people.

to be benevolent.

to be attractive.

The first point is not casual at all. It is idle time, but very effective psychological course. If in conversation you look in the face to the interlocutor, thereby, you show that are honest with it. Also it is worth to remember what power of persuasion the open confident look possesses.

Ability will help to listen to you quickly to gain people. Showing true interest in someone`s story, you show to the person respect. Whether it happened so that in conversation with you the interlocutor distracted to peremolvitsya by the word with someone else? At such moments you feel awkwardly, the truth? The attentive attitude towards the interlocutor, according to Dale Carnegie, it one of the greatest compliments what we can only make .

You remember how it is important to attract attention? Asking questions, you will show that your opponent is interesting to you. You will be noticed, it is pleasant to all to be in the center of attention.

These three points are urged to pay your attention to adjustment of relationship with people around. Now we will talk about you. Self-confidence - your business card. This invisible field surrounding you and letting know to people around your coolness and tranquility. The confidence attracts, and isolation pushes away. You remember it.

Your sense of humour - your loyal friend and the assistant. It is not obligatory for you to make laugh all around and to joke continuously. Whether you possess a necessary stock of humour, is shown in your ability to laugh at jokes of people around, in diligence with a smile to get out of the difficult situations and in aspiration the first to laugh at itself in case of failure.

Honesty is the cornerstone of all sincere and confidential relationship. It consists not only in your aspiration to tell the truth, but also in ability to keep the word, to be punctual including. Besides that the level of honesty influences your self-assessment, self-confidence, it also is manifestation of respect for people around. To tell the truth all the time is difficult. But you should not look for easy ways. If your choice success, you just have to be oneself and not to make (to speak, promise) what you will be ashamed of.

According to Gil Shpigel, each person is an opportunity to learn. To learn to all. To learn more about itself, about others, about the world, to learn something and to learn everything . Showing love and respect for people, you will be able to learn at them the best, than they possess. Your interest will open for you a source of useful experience. Be attentive. Gil also advises to use any opportunity and to say with everyone with whom there will be an opportunity to talk.

Goodwill. On your way to success you should overcome a lot of things. Your ability to tie acquaintances and to attract to itself people will facilitate advance. The more you want to receive from them, the more it is necessary to give. Your ability to give, finally, will become defining. Ask what you can offer people? Of course, your attention, participation, interest in their problems, pleasure for their good luck, support, a part of the confidence, positive emotions - goodwill. All this will pay off and wholly. If near you it is quiet, you radiate confidence, then people will feel heat proceeding from you. They will be near to support you on the way to success.

The last point - your appeal. Only having appreciated itself, you will be able objectively to look at the environment, at the aspirations and to take right steps, each of which will bring closer you to your purpose. Your purpose success? Smile to it.