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Why to us avocado?

about ten years ago we not only did not eat some avocado, but even did not hear about it. The snack managed as to us it was thought, primordially Russian: cucumbers, tomatoes, a radish yes potato in all types.

A if to get accustomed? Honor with

everything that at us on a table, it is from the overseas countries, and first was accepted by the people with a big reluctance if not to tell stronger. The same potato, our second bread, Peter I hammered into Russia literally with a knee.

Avocado too first attention nobody indulged - neither in Russia, nor in the educated Europe. Long time the people could not be defined at all what is it, and, in the most literal sense what it is eaten with.

By the form also I blossom - like our swede, turnip, beet. Vegetable, in a word. At research it appeared, as on a chemical composition is closer to vegetables. But at this avocado - the most natural fruit with a big stone inside. Grows on trees up to 20 m high where in magnificent sprawling krone as Christmas tree decorations, rock bright, with a brilliant peel (yellowish, it is dark - green and even violet) fruits.

Avocado, differently Perseus American for green crocodile color of fruits it is nicknamed still alligatorovy pear . This fruit tree belongs to family of laurel (Lauraceae), being at the same time the closest relative of laurels of the noble, sacred plant of Ancient Greece sung by poets.

The first to avocado practical Israelis, not from good life, and on great need got accustomed. Were and they have hard times when products according to coupons yes by cards, and there were catastrophically not enough fats. And here avocado with taste of butter if slightly - slightly to add a walnut.

Having studied its structure, gasped The fruit was the champion by amount of fats among fruit (to 30%), conceding only to olives, and fats easily are acquired, suit both to children, and adult, and sick, and to athletes. And then and vitamins in the same place were found in enough (And, C, E, PP and groups B), minerals (potassium, iron, copper, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus) and proteins.

An avocado sort from South America, more precisely from Mexico. Aztecs, people, apparently, sensible, with success used it. In modern Mexico avocado too in a high price. There it both in salads, and in sauces, and in cocktails, and tequila have a snack on it - that is called, both in a tail, and in a mane. Even on birthday beautifully packed fruit which is tied up by a bow is brought as we, for example, the suspension bracket from white gold covered with small diamonds.

From an easy hand of Israel, for the first time in the world of the grown-up avocado as a crop, plantations of this fruit can be met in the USA, South America, on Caribbean Islands, in the Republic of South Africa, Kenya and Spain now. The main supplier of avocado to Russia - Israel.

To food there are only ripe fruit as pulp of an immature fruit firm and tasteless, and overripe - oily and kashitseobrazny. The ripe fruit firm to the touch, but when pressing by a finger on a peel remains a dent. It is better to buy slightly immature avocados, and for ripening to lay in a paper package together with ripe apple or banana. And then to store in the refrigerator at a temperature not below +6 º Pages

C with what eat it?

From avocado are prepared by sauces, sandwiches, pastes, cocktails and even ice cream. Thanks to neutral taste it is combined with many products: ham, shrimps, crabs, boiled eggs, vegetables, fish.

On the basis of avocado it is possible to add juice of a lemon or lime that the pulp did not darken to dishes and appearance of food did not deteriorate.

Avocado - the real stick - a lifesaver for the hostess at whom the lunch is not ready yet and the family already knocks spoons on a table.

Quickly the pulp of avocado is kneaded by a spoon, we mix with everything that is at present near at hand - small cut onions, paprika, tomatoes, from above garlic, and lemon juice to sprinkle everything. Corn chips - instead of spoons, to the husband to throw a jar of cold beer, and you quietly finish the affairs in kitchen.

It should be tried!

If you did not fall in love with some avocado yet, try to overcome the hostility. Lay out the crackling crisp white loaf cut with avocado semi-segments on, alternating to ranks of the shrimps welded in salty water, from above water with sour cream a thin stream and flavor all this with a fresh ukropchik. Add from above slightly - slightly black caviar (this good at all much), you will not regret.

Avocado very nourishing and high-calorie fruit. On caloric content exceeds low-fat meat almost twice. Quickly restores forces at athletes. But to the people inclined to completeness, it is necessary to use it in limited quantities.

What it treats?

the Low content of sugar (about 1,5%) allows to use it in food of diabetics.

Digestible vegetable fats do avocado suitable and for people with zheludochno - intestinal diseases.

Presence of antioxidants (vitamins C and E) does it by an irreplaceable product for warmly - vascular patients. From - for low contents of sodium it is especially recommended to hypertensive persons.

The special substances which are a part of this fruit protect a liver from the damaging effect of poisons.

Restriction concern only the feeding mothers as there can sometimes be allergic reactions at the child.