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And this gender equality?

Today in the bus observed very amusing picture. Though is not present, I was probably not so expressed. Nothing especially amusing in it, of course was.

So, rush hour, the eighth o`clock in the evening, commercial bus. I stand actually at the end of the bus and from there is nothing to do - it being necessary to sleep to me still difficult - I begin to examine passengers. The strange thing becomes clear! To the left of me there are single seats. The review of visibility - about seven pieces. And on all) (!) seven men - young people and not really sit.

A picture oil - seven male uneven-age individuals sit and with interest are scorched on harmonous female legs which STAND nearby.

For completeness of a landscape: women almost everything on hairpins. With bags - go - that everything from work. Many with packages and bags - all know what women of a meshochnitsa.

And any (!) any of these.... the individuals daring to call themselves men - did not even move to give way. Let not to me, but at least to that girl with whom he impudently tried to get acquainted. At the same time still without tearing off the bum from a seat!

And where, where those times when the man dared to sit in the presence of the lady? When for it could kill on duel? When even really stupid boys since the childhood were knocked into the head of the rule of etiquette? When the man at an exit from the room opened for the lady a door, and during descent on steps offered a hand?

Why now, dragging on itself 8 kg of products - the pack horse nervously smokes aside - the woman is forced to open doors hips and elbows and any man will not deign to help it?

And why on the men offering a hand at an exit from the bus look as at archaic animals?

Yes, men can tell that ourselves aspired to it - equality supposedly and so on... but, my dear, equality - does not mean indifference! With the nature it is arranged so that we are physically weaker. And it is really easier for you to stand after the eight-hour working day in the shaking and jumping up bus (especially if to consider that at you the center of gravity is located much more conveniently)))), than to us - on hairpins and in skirts. Moreover and hips to have to catch balance....

I feel nostalgic for the past. It is pleasant to me when I am called by the milady or the marchioness. I love romantics. It is pleasant to me when care for me and I do not see any infringement of the rights here. However, yours - too. It is not so difficult to offer at the exit from the bus a hand to the girl who well though slightly - slightly was pleasant to you? Especially as it is an excess occasion to touch it....