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What is it is a line of game and with what they are eaten???

It is a line of game these are not the latest toys or prefixes with very good plot, graphics and a sound. These are not shooter games, not strategy, not quests and not many other things . Combined because in some it is a line games you really can do some shooting all this, in some and that I tell, in all these games you should save equipment, to think and solve, and saving up experience in fights you move ahead in level, that is step by step play this game.

But it just seems to you! Because I do not know any person, any gamer or the hacker and the ordinary user who could brag of the fact that he passed any is a line a toy. Do not think that they were worse than you that at you it has to it will turn out because it as it seems to me, will never turn out at anybody! Now I will explain

to you why I so speak. In - the first: to pass it - game it is necessary to spend a line not one hour a day, not one day, and even month . Among my friends there are people who aspired to this purpose year and two, but did not reach it! All this because besides that you should earn game money attracting in game of new players or trading in regimentals, you should arm yourself and to improve the weapon. It demands very big expenses and as it is accepted to speak in the people: time - money, you should spend on the Internet 3 - 4 hours a day!

In - the second: this game resource on which you spend the time constantly is updated and improved, it follows from this that new features are added. It can be the weapon, or other things which you buy for the character, it can be a new type of fight, competition or something else. Also it can be a new level of development or new qualities which you can train at the player!

Thus every day to you is pleasant to play this game more and more . All of you it is more and you think more that you will do tomorrow as to you to earn more money how to train your character it is better, to pump over it quicker and so on! All your thoughts are occupied only with this game and your purpose in real life is to achieve success in the virtual world!!! It even sounds very ridiculously! Besides on such game portals offer an exchange of virtual money on real and vice versa. That is you still can be spent in an attack of game fever . Some people do on it business and very much even quite good. I speak not about owners of these toys now, I speak about the same people as well as we! They play such game, develop the character, earn game money, and then sell the beefy character and money and not bad earn from it . Recently in the Hacker magazine, probably, it to all of you is well-known

, in July release, there was article about such here games, but the earnings subject on it is more touched there, and I want to reveal to you sense or more precisely senselessness of all this for you!

you think: the same absolutely worthless and useless pastime, but I understand you, and I write this article on own experience. I too in this skin also played in it - a line game Soldiers and Magee. If you do not trust - you can check my nickname in this game AnTekapb and I did not come there about a month or two .

very much tightens It!!! I played day and night without a break, not only this player, just this most my the best . Do not think that I brag, but among same the level it is invincible! Such games as drug: they absorb you entirely, turn in a napkin and you cannot get out in any way. I know that you do not trust me, maybe, you even play both now and do not even think that you are dependent, you will understand it only then when at you the desire is gone to it!

to me was not necessary to abstain from this game violently, just once it bothered me . All these virtually anxious players and all these rules and orders bothered . I just ceased to come there and in several weeks I understood that to me it simply ceased it is pleasant and now when I see the different announcements concerning all such entertainments I just smile and I think about myself: really at me immunity was developed to it .

you will believe it only when you try, but do not think that I advise you to play, I will not even call any website, I even on the contrary do not advise, but I on the experience I know that you will not try yet - will not believe!!!

So it it is a game line for ordinary players - it is simply to nobody unnecessary pastime! These are expenses of time, nerves, money (the Internet not at all free) and, the most important, is just dependence, obsession, call as want, the sense from it will not change!

Thanks for attention, was very glad to write for you again!!!