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Your finger - unless not an ideal key for the modern lock?

an Opportunity to open the lock, without troubling itself carrying keys, does not leave minds of mankind. Except code mechanisms, such opportunity is given both by the most modern and expensive - biometric locks. These locking devices are capable to analyze various unique features of the person - a retina and an iris of the eye of an eye, a voice, a shape of a palm, but locks with the scanner of fingerprints are the most widespread today.

History of studying of fingerprints goes back to the 14th century - nominal then in Persia came to a conclusion that there are no two absolutely identical drawings on fingers of various people. In 1892 sir Frantsis Galton develops the detailed statistical model describing drawings on human fingers and urges to use it in lawsuit. Then the first charge of murder with use of an innovative proof was taken out - trial in Argentina took place.

In more than hundred years of active application of fingerprints in criminalistics, science, ensuring state security, having analysed billions of fingerprints - including the manual analysis and automatic computer comparison - scientists declare: There is no Coincidence . Therefore, own finger can quite entrust safety of the dwelling or the car?

Whether to trust values to a skin piece on a hand - a controversial issue. First of all, it is worth remembering one - of absolutely steady security system in the world did not create and, most likely, will not create. It concerns locks with keys, codes, electronic cards, biometric sensors and all the rest. Therefore there is no sense to speak also about absolute reliability of scanners of fingers. Popularity to this method of protection was got by some of its properties.

First of all, your finger always at you and, in principle, will always open the necessary lock . Even cut or dirty, it has to be normally apprehended by the high-quality safety control. Whether to consider qualitative the device on a flash card for eight hundred rubles - a controversial issue. But also from this rule there are exceptions. In the spring of 2005 - go years four men forced the resident of Malaysia mister Kumaran to start Mercedes S belonging to it - a class by means of own forefinger. Having connected the owner of the car and having thrown him on a back seat, car thieves understood that they without unique key will not be able to start the car motor again, and just cut off its machete. It is only worth noticing that the similar case was possible from - for imperfections Mercedes security system - modern locks not only check drawing on a finger small pillow, but also take its temperature and pulse. Therefore phrase Enjoy your car and do not lose a finger of her last owner will not pass any more.

The second plus of the locks opened by a finger - very high complexity of production counterfeit key . But this strength is peculiar only to expensive and qualitative systems - in one of programs of the American television leaders easily opened protection of amateur biometric locks by means of the usual photo of a finger of the owner.

There are also other reasons to stop attention on similar locks is a possibility of an identification of a large number of people (if such function is built in the lock), the fast speed of opening, slow wear . If these properties are important for you - try to begin acquaintance to the hi-tech locking mechanisms.

Tranquility and safety to you and your families.