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In what advantage and insidiousness mint tea?

Are well-known that many of men very much do not love mint tea. Why? It is explained by the fact that it them, as if to tell it calms . Certainly, organisms and perception them these or those products at all people different. But reaction of the average man to mint tea - is unambiguous. Reaction of a female organism to this drink is more peculiar, but about it is a bit later. At first - about men

On the one hand, mint tea - means very useful: removes irritability, nervousness, improves a dream. On the other hand - lowers excitability. Including sexual. And the effect of prolonged use gradually collects. In one fine put the man who is constantly using mint tea suddenly finds out that to it already it is not necessary " at all;. He just does not want, that`s all.

Of course, it is an extreme case, and full block soon after refusal of the use of it artful drink passes. Besides and reaction to it at all different. So, in principle, there is nothing dangerous in such tea drinking. Especially, it is unlikely disposable dose will calm the hungry man . And still, dear women, think that you fill in a teapot, for example, before romantic appointment. Though, he agrees, in certain moments of life mint tea for your man will be very opportunely.

It is also known that in group of house products which it is possible to call conditionally anti-sex also others enter preparations . It honor all products that lower pressure, have the calming effect, and also rich with vitamin A. For example, butter. Once again I will emphasize that hungry man it hardly proshibt but on regularly having sex can affect.

It is interesting that the same sedatives under certain conditions can become indirect " activators; sexual activity. This effect is shown in that case when the man`s head (to be exact, a cerebral cortex) is occupied with a set of problems and disturbing thoughts. Action happens approximately as follows: the man accepts a sedative, bark of his brain (yes, dear women, men have a brain too!) calms down does not disturb " any more; to step on the stage to a subcortex which directs absolute majority of sexually directed processes.

So in this effect there is no paradox, the main thing - to observe dose and not to wait, so far together with " bark; will calm down and all the rest. If, of course, it initially did not include in the plans. It is known that alcohol, along with vasodilating action, exerts the braking impact on a cerebral cortex too. Partly its ability which is allegedly aggravating a sexual inclination is also explained by it. Person simply a little bit stops thinking . Besides, unlike tea, " alcohol; calms an organism only in lethal doses. And still you should not abuse it as in quality side effect it considerably dulls sensitivity of the nervous terminations. Some kind of easy anesthesia .

Here so, dear men! Everywhere we are trapped by artful dangers. Even from oil it is possible to gain a negative effect We will be well, careful and, as a result, are more courageous.

As for you, dear representatives of a fine half of mankind, I hurry to report the following. Not so long ago scientific planets Earth found out that mint tea helps you to fight against growth of hair in places, nonconventional for a female organism. They are scientists - still argue on the mechanism of such influence. And cannot come in any way to the uniform and final answer to a question why mint " tea; calms indumentum at women.

But, as a matter of fact, what difference in that? The main thing - as a result. Though, dear women as the representative of man`s estate has to note that all of you are already charming! And if the speech not about a rough aberration, not about the physiological anomaly connected with violation of hormonal balance in an organism, then I dare to tell that all your experiences concerning some there hardly noticeable hairs - only your own fears which are not extending to men and your beauty not spoiling.

What conclusion? And a conclusion from all above arises here what: let in each family will stand on kitchen on two teapots. And all men will be courageous, and all women - are beautiful.