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How to the simple woman to learn to be the geisha?

Slavs speak About women at full tilt will stop a horse, will enter the burning log hut . Indeed, each of us possesses fine qualities to pull on herself not only female work, but also man`s. It is necessary to hammer a nail - in what a question, to drive the car, - business not cunning, we will learn. Kitchen of different people of the world not a problem, we can do everything, we will prepare everything. Darling " Would be near; only for some reason dear do not notice true values of the companion and they dream about real to the woman.

Spiritual food or tasty? One of such women the French poet Jean Cocteau called

a pearl. Present the man, with homosexual bents and suddenly made a positive assessment fine to a floor. As it was necessary to try to change its psychology. No, this great geisha by name to Kikhar, anything superfemale did not do, an essence in another. It showed to the man that he is a man. The simple truth about which all know, but not for all it is achievable. Agree how to important any representative of a strong class know that it, most irreplaceable and always necessary.

U us the national belief - " is; the way to heart of the man lies through a stomach sometimes it is a certain way, but not for all! The full man has other requirements. In his mind there are thoughts which it would wish to share not with friends - men, and just with the girlfriend. Because the opposite thinking of the woman allows it to understand and assess correctly current situation or to solve a problem.

the Secret of the geisha

of People of art - a word meaning geisha . Since early years of the girls who chose this profession learned to love life. To perceive the difficulties surrounding them for nothing pointing to weak places. The main thing was to rejoice to everything whether there was this singing of birds, clothes, food, rising or a sunset Why to long and be cried when around in the world there is so much fine. And when the girl grew up the young geisha, her face always reflected pleasure and literally shone happiness for all! Therefore, the man in the company of such woman forgot about the cares and alarms and bathed in beams of the world and understanding. Enjoying tea ceremonies and pleasant conversation, he became the happiest. Psychologically the man realized himself strong and sure.

Ya - the Woman or not anything impossible. Today for dinner I prepared for

pancakes, a favourite delicacy of the husband. Time approaches its return from work, and I decided to meet him as the geisha. The first that he saw, there was my smile. Not for nothing Jesus spoke: give, and it will be given you. I received a boomerang gentle embraces and a kiss. With care I flirted behind it, prepared a hot bathroom with fragrant additives. On a table I put the forgotten grandmother`s samovar and covered with the embroidered cloth. Dinner or sacraments tea ceremony only in Russian, began. Pancakes with honey turned out wonderfully well . Having satisfied essential hunger, the husband wanted to share with me thoughts. I with understanding listened and for a raising of mood told a ridiculous story. Rules of the geisha worked, the husband was joyful and tender, though was tired at work. And I understood what means to shine happiness. There are no unsoluble problems, there is the correct view of the world. Life is so fine!