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In total are ill for the HOUSE 2?

Finishing the next article ShZh, I thought of what fantastic weather costs on the street, that already autumn, but warm breeze blows, that surely today it is necessary to walk to the sea and to breathe fresh air

Suddenly, my dreams and thoughts were killed by an alarm clock. It notified me every day at 20:55 that I did not forget to watch sport news Having made itself tea with a jasmine and having taken yogurt cake, I went to a drawing room to a sofa. Nothing, it seems, foretold troubles, but far from it Literally in couple of meters from a sofa, mother is ahead of me, there is enough panel and takes the cozy place under the conditioner. And here hell from this point begins

On the screen it appears Daughter of the famous politician, celebutante, character of scandalous newspaper publications, enviable bride, graduate of MGIMO, TV host Egoist, workaholic, boor Someone else did not guess about whom he there is a speech?

I with words: Hello, with you Ksenia Sobchak, and it a body the HOUSE 2 " project; Construct the love! this horror and, in my opinion, the favourite program of my mother begins It did not pass still any series! I thought that many women like to watch soap operas and too do not pass any series. But after in a box tired voice-over told that today one thousand hundred day of our building I was horrified All known Santa - Barbara has a rest Having caught a delicate hint on the fact that here I have nothing to catch, and today I will not look at sport news, I went outside.

On the street everything was as I and imagined Brightly - the red sun already sat down at the horizon, the soft warm breeze blew, on the beach lonely fires burned, and I sat with a small bottle Tuborg also thought of how long to float to Turkey But interrupted my reflections a song about summer played in a pocket jeans. The grandmother called and asked to arrive. Any more from her words I could understand nothing.

Having opened a door, she began to kiss me (that I extremely did not love since the childhood) and to ask on how has a rest in Sochi. We drank to tea with sushka (paradoxically, but in my opinion all grandmothers have a never-ending bag of sushka) and went to the room to continue our conversation which began over a cup of tea. Did not pass also five minutes as the grandmother already looked Night release of the HOUSE 2 having completely forgotten about what we said with it that she wanted from me, plunged into this bottomless world of gossips It was for me a last straw of patience. I left. I think, she also did not notice it

Ya went home in perplexity. What in general occurs? Even in a minibus Ksenia Sobchak`s poster hung on a pink background where she as though spoke And you enrolled in Red Army? I am struck by the fact that even guys and men say that they never watch the HOUSE 2, but know names and surnames of all heroes of this project. Now on each school notebook there is at the end house number 2 that children could write to Roma Tretyakov or Stepan Menshchikov. With school diaries the same is created. Somehow left to sit to the yard, and 3 girls of years of ten, to eleven discuss how yesterday Ksenia Sobchak was dressed. What is going on?

Recently noticed one more paradox. People are ready to protest publicly if only their children did not watch transmission with Ksenia`s participation, in particular The Blonde in " chocolate;. However the same people has nothing against the HOUSE 2! Organizers of actions agree with Ksyusha in advance that none of attendees will suffer from her tricks.

It is not clear to me what is created? It is really interesting to look at that as who and whom sent on 3 cheerful letters struck, kissed on it a reality - show? To learn who with whom overslept and what on it will tell Borodino? Or to include The Blonde in " chocolate; only to learn how it is capable to use foul language Sobchak and what brand new mat it to us prepared today for us? Perhaps I do not understand something? Who then will explain to me that to what?