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How to reconcile in itself the CHILD, the PARENT and the ADULT? Forget

for a minute about daily cares, conveniently sit down, it is possible to close eyes. Remember a condition of children`s delight, happiness. Enter this state, test it again. Children are able to enjoy life just like that, to be on top of the world from a trifle. Here and you dare to sink into dotage.

What could create in you this state? Dream! Afford any imagination! You wanted to go once to round-the-world travel on the yacht, you represented yourself it the captain: wind in a face, freshness of the sea, salty splashes Or dreamed to become the actor: the audience claps, throwing you under legs flowers, breath intercepts for nervousness and delight Or just you always wanted to construct a small cozy lodge at the quiet small river and to grow up flowers in a garden Do not constrain imaginations! Now you are the CHILD , and you can represent yourself anyone if only it brought you feeling of happiness, winged sentiments You can WANT anything!

Well, and now leave this state. It is possible even to rise and walk. Now you should mature. You KNOW how to reach everything that the child wished. Answer yourself a question - WHAT for this purpose to DO? You do not say that it is impossible. Perhaps! And how!. What do you feel, being ADULT ? Confidence in own actions? Or, on the contrary, confusion? You are active? Or apathy seized you? Remember your state.

And now you are the PARENT , and answer a question what prevents realization of your dream? What is demanded from you by circumstances and society? What is done by you in the life not as it was told by your ADULT? How do you feel at the same time? Look from this position at the CHILD. Whether it seems happy now?. If you spend too much vital energy for the fact that is NECESSARY (to anyone, but you - in the last turn), then even the visible success will not bring you the real happiness. And life will remind more likely run in a wheel from itself Tell whether it is necessary for you, the CHILD? If you understand what is not necessary, then present the following.

You are the carrier of life experience , and not only the, but also the previous generations. The most realized (and that, not always) is an experience of parents, grandmothers and grandfathers. But, believe, the chain can last further. And so, this experience also dictates to you as it is NECESSARY to behave. Simple example: the grandfather was a builder, the father - the builder, here and the young man was necessary, now he not bad earns, but (I am silent about banal content from work!) but has heart troubles. Still example: the grandmother lost the husband in the war, devoted all life to children, rejecting proposals of other men on a marriage, - here and the granddaughter cannot arrange the private life now, and mistakenly considers herself fateful on loneliness. The problem is that not always this others experience by us is realized. If it is about parents, we still can realize that in some moment of life we try (even subconsciously) to repeat their destiny - in career, in private life, in health. And then we have a possibility of acquisition of NEW, experience. But often it turns out so that experience of the previous generations which could serve for us as some kind of resource of energy and knowledge appears the brake which is not allowing to develop.

Thus, we groped powerful layer of our subconsciousness which influences all our life, decision-making, our behavior, even our habits. It is impossible to release the vital energy for realization of, HAVING REALIZED not in itself this LAST EXPERIENCE . We got used to act this way, but not differently because we did not know that it is possible to make something else, it is possible to create the scenario! That is why our PARENT convinced us of need of many things, and meanwhile our CHILD lacked happiness, and to the ADULT - feelings of completeness of life and self-realization.

Here also the triangle already familiar to us was added with one more character. Let`s call it the ANCESTOR . Also there was a new task - to learn to hear and understand in itself its voice. This task not from simple, but also for its decision is methods.

For example, method of system arrangements. As a result it is possible to reach that harmony and feeling of happiness about which I spoke in the previous article.