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What tell names in D. K. Rowling`s books about?

Someone considers that D. K. Rowling wrote usual consumer goods that she differs in nothing from those dexterous businessmen from literature whose short-lived production filled up counters of bookstores. Someone believes that she is a good writer and that her books are fated long life, as well as to D. R. R. Tolkien`s books. As for me, I am an unconditional fan of a series of books about Harry Potter.

Ya paid attention that names of heroes, and also part of names which do not cause any associations in the Russian reader at D. K. Rowling are not so simple as it seems. For many names and names of spells the writer uses Latin and French languages, and skillfully handles roots of these words. In a word, names of her heroes, and also in concepts which she uses contain certain hints. Here about it is that I and I want to tell in more detail. In brackets I name (name) in the original, and Latin (French) words with their translation are farther. Of course, I consider not all names and names but only I part - differently will get out for article framework!

1. The Speaking names which sense is very transparent.
Albus Dumbledore (Albus Dumbledore). The first word is a Latin adjective of albus white (opaque, unlike candidus - white sparkling). With a surname business is slightly more difficult. I assume that here connection English dumbly is silent, is silent, silent also fr. dore is gilded, gilded . I understand this name as silently gold the one who is not praised by the gloss .

Victor Crumb. to Admit, me this name nonplused first: why, I think, the Bulgarian - and suddenly Crumb? Crumb - some non Slavic name! Estimated as it has to be written in English and it was convinced of correctness. It appears, in the original it is of Victor Crum! Well, with Victor Krum everything is clear. There was such Bulgarian khan Krum (803 - 814) at whom the Volga Bulgaria very expanded the borders.

the Flounce - - Mort (Voldemort) - here I see two Latin roots at once: volo and of mors, mortis death . On the other hand, vol - a root from the word to fly. Let`s not forget also about a pretext of de . It is the pretext important: with, from; from, at; it agrees. Besides, it is the prefix designating office. Thus, of Voldemort is I wish to separate from death I treat for death . But you also can practice in understanding of this name.

By the way, I do not understand why translators needed to turn Voldemort (sounds!) in the Flounce - - Mort? Here at once the rhyme asks: A flounce - the blockhead! Such alteration, in my opinion, was nonsense.

Lyutsius Malfoy is absolutely simple (Lucius Malfoy) A here: Lucius - direct association with Lucifer, possibly. Besides at Bram Stoker there is a book Grief of the Satan (Hell for Jeffrey Tempest) where there is a hero - the tempter Lyuchio (then it becomes clear that he is Lucifer). In Malfoy surname - an obvious root of the French verb malfaire to do the harm . Well, about the name Draco I also do not speak - it is the word dragon - Draco on - Latin.

Remus Lupin (Remus John Lupin). Let`s begin with the name Remus . If we address Latin writing, then we receive a name of Rhemes. Ram is the brother Romula; both were raised by a she-wolf, and then they founded Rome. The surname is very transparent too: here Latin root lupus wolf .

of Sangvini (Sanguini). Too it is simple: Latin noun of sanguis, inis m blood.

Severus Snape (Severus Snape). Here Latin severus severe, cruel and English Snape . With a surname at me two associations: snake of a dragon and of snap unexpected; abrupt speech; sharp sudden cold snap, frost.

the Translation of Snape as Snape seems to me unsuccessful: it on paper it seems also nothing and here at a pronunciation this is lost double . We says - that Snek so Snekk sounds foolishly.

Ya would translate a surname of this hero as - nibud like Zmeys.

Sirius Black (Sirius Black). Sirius is the brightest star in constellation of the Canis Major. And it is even easy for the one who does not know English to cope with a surname. So this name means Canis black Major .

2. Names about which sense it is possible to cost assumptions.
Harry Potter (Harry Potter). In a surname I assume the Latin root potens, potentis strong, mighty.

Hermione Grendzher (Hermione Granger). I do not insist, but it seems to me, the name is connected with Hermes Trismegist, the great magician. And here is how about a surname?

Rubeus Nagrid (Rubeus Hagrid). Here we have a Latin adjective of rubeus red. About a surname I doubt: to me in it the association with ogre - the cannibal seems.

3. Spells.
Awad`s of a kedavr (Avada Cadavra or cedavra) - I assume, here Latin avidus eager (goes back to the verb aveo I am eager) and of cadaver a corpse, a dead body . Therefore, it means: I am eager for a dead body I want that there was a dead person . Who read in the original, can precisely tell me, cAdavra or cEdavra.

of Aktsio (Accio). There is a Latin verb accio, with ī v ī (i ī) with ī tum, ī to call re, to attract, invite. So this spell is translated with Latin I call .

Vingardium of a levioz (V) Wingardium Leviosa). Who read in the original, correct me: I found writing in the Internet and with W, and V. Here I offer not indisputable option. In my opinion, the first word should be divided so: wing+gard= protection of wings, and - ium an essence the Latin termination of a neutral gender or the termination of Genitive of the plural. Much more simply with the second part of the word: obvious Latin root levis, e easy. And everything together means: protection of easy wings or something like that though these words are also uncoordinated in a sort, number and a case.

Dementor (Dementor) I see a root from Latin d ē In this word; m ē ns, dementis mad, mad. By means of a suffix - tor (and as a result of linguistic regularities it turns out - or) are formed the nouns designating a character. Therefore dementor) - doing mad . I will note also that the word mens in Latin means mind, thinking, prudence.

of Diffindo (diffindo). it is very simple Too: diffindo, fid ī fissum, 3 to split; to split; to open wide. It means: I split I split

of Impediment (Impedimenta). Here too everything is transparent: imped ī mentum, ī obstacle, hindrance. The word is single-root with pes, pedis a leg. Therefore, the hindrance for legs means. This spell creating a certain hindrance to the movement.

Krutsiatus (Cruciatus), Krutsio`s (crucio). Also simply, as well as previous: Latin cruciatus torture, flour, painful pain. Respectively, verb crucio it is translated I torment, I torture .

Levikorpus (Levicorpus). Two Latin roots: levis easy for e and corpus, oris n body. Thus, all together is easy body .

of Legilimention (Legilimentia). Also simply, as well as previous: I read to lego also mens, mentis mind. It is translated I read mind or to read mind . Let`s notice that not I read mind !

of Lyumos (lumos) - Here is obvious before us a root of Latin lumen, inis n light.

of Okklyumention (Occlumentia). Too it is transparent: it is formed from the verb occl ū do, cl ū s ī cl ū sum, 3 to lock, close; to constrain also already mentioned word mens, mentis mind. The spell is translated with Latin to close / lock mind .

Patronus (Patr ō nus). Latin word patronus defender, advocate.

Petrifikus totalus (Petrificus Totalus). Here it is not so transparent. I assume the following: fr. p é trification a petrifaction (ascends to Latin stone and to do ) and Latin totaliter (goes back to totus - everything, whole) entirely, quite. Thus, this spell is translated so: full petrifaction .

of Protego (Protego). The Latin verb protego, texi, tectum 3 to cover, cover, protect. Thus, the spell is translated: I protect .

Ekspelliarmus Is formed (Expelliarmus) from the Latin verb expello I knock out, I beat out also arma noun the weapon. Thus, the spell is translated from Latin so: I beat out the " weapon;.