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Earnings on the Internet - reality or the myth?

you, dear readers, probably, saw more than once such announcements on pages of the great and mighty Internet as: Easy work The Freebie for all Magic purses and many others. I will begin with the fact that I year already in job searches as they say easy and serene, that is works at home - on the Internet! When I only began to be engaged in it, I thought that it is very easy and simply and discussions at different forums and the websites easily convinced me of it! But actually all this just big ball which should be unwound still to find the necessary thread me everything was planned by

U: at first I wanted to try at the exchange of currencies and actions, such as Forex and Invest. But this idea at me quickly disappeared How fast? Yes in a month! I was limited only to the fact that created trial (educational) accounts there. At first everything really went, like clockwork, but then after I considerably increased the capital (virtual), I decided to try taste of real money and downloaded the program which is necessary for control of the means in this market (now I speak about Forex).

As soon as I started it, I understood in what business! All these educational and training accounts are thought up to instill confidence in beginners that they started use of real money somewhat quicker and, naturally, would spend them in air. That I say yes! In what there air in a pocket of kind uncles, authors of this exchange! I do not want to tell that it scam and kidalovo just I want to tell that in all these announcements where it is said that all this easy both simply and for this purpose is not obligatory even the elementary economic education at all, just embellish.

From this it is possible to draw the elementary conclusion that earnings at such exchanges are possible and it is possible, it is very perspective, but demands training, time and care!

Then I was engaged in studying the Internet - shops. I did not give to this type of earnings even of week Only because I consider myself is higher than that to push to people any nonsense. So I cannot tell you much about this type of earnings only because I biassedly treat it. In other words - I dislike it!

Now I will pass to the most interesting and most widespread earnings into networks - to earnings by means of Webmoney, E - gold and other electronic money which at your desire turns into the presents in any bank rendering such services. Now I speak to you not about usual use of the purses, many use them now, now I say to you about how people try to earn from them.

I will begin with good: to earn from it it is really real, but it is even more dangerous, than at the exchanges! The way which is most extended here - sponsors. These are the websites or portals on which you are registered and you earn money. How? Yes it is very simple!

There are several ways:

1) Cliques (you just press a hyperlink and within 30 seconds you hold opened this website, and pay you for it. On average from 0,001 to 0,002 dollars, that is WMZ).

2) Letters (to you letters where you also click the link come to mail and you wait, payment same).

3) Bonuses (you look for a small banner on which it is written on the advertiser`s website: BONUS you press it, you wait, enter control number and your money!) All these three ways I consider

similar because it is necessary to do same and money approximately identical.

4) Registration (you are registered on those websites which you will be told, you fill in data and so on . Then you confirm the registration and you receive money! On it time is much more: from 1 to 5 cents).

5) Questioning (you fill in questionnaires, polls and so on, payment same).

These two ways also, in principle, same!

6) Tasks (absolutely various meet here, beginning from the elementary registration as a referral or just communication at a forum or a chat, and finishing with participation it - a line to game or registration of ten mailboxes on the brand new website. Payment is also absolutely various: beginning from 5 cents and finishing with 1 dollar, in any case it is a maximum which I managed to see and receive).

It is considered separate subspecies of earnings . For some very much even profitable!

Well and the last way, my the most favourite of what I tried on myself is:

7) surfing or autosurfing (just you visit at the link which is intended to start surfing and the sponsor shows you the advertiser`s websites. Usually it lasts from 15 seconds to 1 minute, depends on the sponsor, on one website. The websites for display can be as much, so it is not enough, also depends on popularity of the sponsor and on the budget of the advertiser. After the end of time if it is surfing, you gather control number, or the control picture, and pass to the following website. If it is autosurfing, then it in general is simple - opened a window and forgot about it, and money drips!)

All this types of earnings, concerning sponsors in the Webmoney and E system - gold which I know and which checked on own to a skin. I want to tell you that from all of them attention only tasks and surfing because they are the highest paid are worthy! Sponsors - it is absolutely real, but the monotony of the performed work quickly bothers, it is a lot of expense of time and insignificant payments!

Now concerning the fact that I warned you about danger of this type of earnings. It is really very dangerous and here it is necessary to be on the alert! Deception is covered at every turn here, beginning from sponsors who just do not send you money and finishing deceivers who at you fraudulently will entice this money!

With sponsors everything is quite difficult: it is simpler to work on checked by time and reliable even if less profitable, than on new, unknown, but promising huge money. One more criterion of the choice of the sponsor is the minimum sum to a conclusion. If she excessively big, then most likely the sponsor hopes that you will be tired to earn it and will throw in the middle, or perhaps even if you will earn, will not pay you them. Anyway, in the choice of sponsors rely on the Internet, advertizing and people who already tried it . I will not distribute not only the referalny references, but also simply even the name of the websites.

As for deceivers, here the most widespread of them:

- send one dollar to a purse and to you will return two! It cannot be, as if they did not explain this phenomenon, it is impossible. I, of course, did not try and I do not advise you Unless if you do not believe, so far do not step on this rake!

- change your money many times through various exchangers and earn from it! Yes though you change one million there, money to you will not come. Because it just cheating. On exchange rate to win it is unreal as if you also change through real and reliable exchangers, then they from you take 1 cent or kopek for it You lose on it and no more than that!

Here, probably, and everything concerning this subject, the main thing you remember: rely only on the reliable, checked ways and be not too self-confident!

Here we also approached with you the last, to me to the known way of earnings on the Internet so far: freelance. It is no other than distant work. In the most literal sense. It either programming, or design, creation of the websites, imposition, writing articles or just set of texts. I tested only in the last two quite good and I can safely tell the fees that this the best that I earned on the Internet so far.

I do not know that for you is considered honest earnings, in relation to owners of all these businesses, but for me earnings on the Internet which easy and carefree is: any investments, any money transfers from me to them, any deception or distribution of advertizing or the referalny reference. And the most important - any foreign sponsors, the websites or something else!

You have the right to decide for yourself that it is necessary for you! But for reliability I advise you to try on myself all types of these earnings on myself, and then already to decide that adequately your time and that I am not present.

And as a logical conclusion I have to answer you the question: whether really to earn on the Internet? - YES! Very much it is even real.

Thanks for attention!