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Whether it is possible to be saved from a pediculosis?

In spite of the fact that we live in the 21st century, cases when at children, teenagers and even louses are found in adults, still meet. And it brings many efforts and concerns.

Involuntarily there is a question: why still the problem remains? We have everything for the prevention of pediculosis - soap, hot water, irons and. etc.

Main reasons emergence of a pediculosis:

decrease in attention to personal hygiene, purity of a body,

clothes violation of the hygienic rules

population shift.

Infection often happens in hotels, trains, rental apartments through mattresses and pillows (who only on them did not sleep, and nobody demands the certificate of a state of health from all users).

The louse very much loves clean hair and a body and is not afraid of water. She perfectly swims therefore it is possible to catch a pediculosis both in the pool, and in a bath, and in an open reservoir. Louses do not fly, are not able to jump, but very quickly run. There is enough moment that the louse quickly got over with the sore head on healthy .

The main source of infection - sick pediculosis of people. Infection is possible at direct contact with it or an indirect way - through things and objects on which louses got.

Most of the population, buying a new thing, does not consider necessary it to stretch before carrying, regardless, it is bought in shop or in the market. Things which we cannot stretch (for example, a coat) should be dried on air (it is desirable in a sunny weather), and then to iron.

Pediculosis - the infectious parasitic disease caused by blood-sicking insects - louses. In world fauna more than 150 species of louses are known.

On the person parasitize 3 their look: clothes, head and pubic.

The largest - clothes, lives pleated linen and clothes. Head lives in head hair, but can pass to hair of eyebrows, a beard and moustaches. The pubic louse lives in hair of a pubis, genitals and the lower part of a stomach, being strong attached to the basis of hair and skin. Others the head louse meets more often.

Louses - carriers of a typhus, a serious illness which not always comes to an end safely.

The main sign of pediculosis - the severe skin itch owing to stings of louses provoking skin raschesa. At the first signs of a pediculosis immediately address to medical institution.

For prevention a pediculosis needs observance of rules of personal hygiene and training of children in it since the early childhood.

Remember how many times your parents, and then and you, being late for work, brushed the child with the hairbrush? It is fixed in memory, the stereotype of behavior remains for the rest of life. And what to be surprised then when someone uses a hairbrush of the friend or girlfriend or puts on others headdress?

So since the early childhood it is necessary to accustom children that a toothbrush, everyone has to have a towel, linen and other personal belongings the. Over time all this will become a habit, and all of you will be relieved of many cares and chagrin.

One - two times a week it is necessary to examine hair carefully. It is simple to find a pediculosis: on temple and nape hair whitish balls strongly sit. You will not confuse them with dandruff. And if you found all this, surely warn those which were with you in contact. So often the pediculosis begins to walk on people from - for the fact that we hesitate to speak about it. In your interests of it not to allow.

Any disease including the pediculosis, always exerts adverse impact and on mentality. There is no tragedy if you suddenly caught a pediculosis. This same disease, as well as any other. It is worth forgetting the old and not having under themselves the soil prejudices that louse - companions of bums, refugees and homeless children. Researches prove an inaccuracy of habitual representations. And here to combat this trouble - a debt of each of us.

At detection of infection it is not necessary to apply kerosene or dust, especially at children. To be cut nalyso there is no need too. It is necessary to get protivopedikulezny means in a drugstore and to apply strictly according to the instruction. These means destroy live louses, and nits comb out a fine-tooth comb which the cotton wool moistened with vinegar is put on. The bed linen and clothes needs to be washed and ironed.

Observance of measures of personal prevention will protect you from pediculosis - an unpleasant and infectious disease.