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The soccer championship of Russia - 2007 or What to us to expect from the finish of superiority?

the next, 22nd round of the Championship of Russia on soccer ended Recently. Defeat capital " became the only real surprise in round; Dynamo in Nalchik with a devastating score 4:1. In spite of the fact that many are surprised to defeat Moscow Spartak in Kazan to be surprised there is nothing. In Kazan it was always heavy to all teams, and especially To Spartak which for 5 seasons in the capital of Tatarstan hammered only 1 ball.

The championship smoothly moves to a final chord. In spite of the fact that champion race is not finished yet, it is possible to tell with a certain share of confidence that will fight for a champion`s title Zenith and Spartak . Perhaps, will be able to approach them CSKA , but it is improbable as to overcome distance in 6 points for 8 rounds extremely hard.

Moscow which on start of the championship surprised all with the phenomenal start, strangely enough, still is in number of leaders and not really hurries to leave from there. However, the play of the team is unstable therefore they should not count on medals, most likely.

Dynamo without the obvious leader Danny too, most likely, will not be able to fight for medals. But the team at the head coach Andrey Kobelev really had a game which the team did not show for the last several years.

" Locomotive; in this season is in deep decline. Already, which round in a row team cannot leave the field with dry gate. It seems, Anatoly Byshovts`s resignation about which the press, already not far off so often wrote. If in the next two rounds railroad workers are not able to win any victory, then resignation is inevitable.

Towards the end of a season Saturn , at last, found the game. It was shown by a draw with soldiers and the last victory over Loco . The team is one of most nichyevy collectives in superiority. And such situation not one year. It also helps to steer clear of a departure zone to a certain extent.

The sixth place " surprises; Amkar . This place - in many respects a merit of the goalkeeper of team Levents. The team at the moment passed in the championship of balls most less - in 22 matches of 17 balls. If the team and is able to finish a season, then it will be undoubted success for team which usually dangles near a departure zone.


in the last round it was b a cut above Spartak both physically, and tactically. Kurban Berdyev`s tactics was repaid for 100%. Depresses only the fact that the team shows good game only on the home field.

Spartak from Nalchik after a victory in the last round at last could move away from a departure zone a little. Team which created a furor last year, having visited the middle of the championship on the first place, this year really found the place.

Khimki very well joined in the prime minister - league. However in the last rounds the play of the team declined, and now all of them are closer and closer to a standings bottom.

Kuban approximately in the same situation, as the previous team is. However, their chances of a survival are slightly less high (in the author`s opinion).

Tom after failures in matches fell by the penultimate place in standings. But in a basic match with the neighbor in standings from Vladivostok the team could get the best and move at once to two positions up.

Krylja Sovetov very much were weakened this year. If earlier they were in the first half of standings, then now they can easily take off from premieres - leagues. And it will not be surprise. The team practically has no game. In the last round defeat at home (that was a huge rarity earlier) from Zenith .

The Beam - Energy after defeat in the last round from one them the main competitors even more aggravated the situation. But all - is improbable that such trained team took off. It is worthy to play in the highest league of Russia.

Situation Rostov it is almost hopeless. Not to take off, they should win at least 7 remained matches. And it is better all. Most likely, it will not occur.

Thus, to To Rostov one of teams of the lower part of the table has to join. Most likely, it will be Wings or Tom or Kuban . The destiny of a champion`s title will be decided, most likely, for round till the end or in the latest round. As well as race of a survival.