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Whether the high-powered work is always useful?

In works heavy are got by bread the essential person. Society, the state and religion encourage diligence and consider it as virtue. It is considered that only persistent work is capable to bring success and wellbeing. Here also work, without cease, for days are married to the job forgetting about days off and holidays.

And meanwhile psychologists consider that inadequate labor enthusiasm - the same harmful addiction, as well as love to alcohol. To it and the name was thought up similar - workaholism.

It would seem that here bad, the person works, does not kick up a row. But the desire to depart from reality, to forget personal problems often is behind aspiration to continuous employment. Work acts as a board by which it is possible to be fenced off from psychological complexes.

The workaholic is often lonely, or is unhappy in marriage. There is not enough for an about family time? Of course, is not enough. But cause and effect substitute each other. The discomfort in the family relations forces the person to look for the place where to it it is comfortable. And if on a workplace he is popular and it is appreciated, the aspiration to spend there much time quite naturally looks.

Once having been late at work and having deserved these the chief`s praise, the workaholic seeks and to test further euphoria concerning own importance, in increasing frequency being late longer than the put time and even refusing holidays. Gradually overtime employment becomes a habit, the person loses touch with the outside world. All thoughts go in cycles only in work, on all the rest there is neither left force, nor time.

The addict has no former euphoria, as well as, any more. It seems to the workaholic that everything will collapse and will stop if suddenly for his some reason is not at work not that month, and even one or two days. In aspiration to lift own importance in the opinion of people around and again to test euphoria, he tells friends and acquaintances about own indispensability, that from - for this damned work it was not several years on holiday.

And meanwhile, work in the constant " mode; on wear gradually undermines immunity, causes predisposition to warmly - to vascular diseases, loosens nervous system. Rare days off cause the real depression, imaginary emptiness could not be filled. The workaholic cannot find any peace, becomes nervous and gloomy.

Roots of such behavioural program, as well as at many frustration, can be formed at children`s age. Incomplete families, small physical defects, shortage of communication cause the increased necessity of self-affirmation and an appreciation from people around which can be received at adult age, having thrown all forces for work.

It is possible to get rid of aspiration to irrepressible work, but the workaholic should count, first of all, on the forces. It is necessary to convince himself that nothing happens to work without labor feats and to find hobby for filling of extra production vacuum. Only close people can help, society welcomes persistent work. The person has to feel the demand in a family, feel that he is loved and appreciate regardless of his earnings.

As well as an illness, workaholism it is more effective to warn, than to treat. Remember that production achievements and fast rise on a career ladder will never replace all pleasures of life. It is necessary to live now, but not once then, after achievement even if very important purpose.