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As it is correct to rent apartment

Search of the apartment for a sjem is possible in two main ways: through acquaintances and through real estate agencies. Let`s consider search through real estate agencies as search through acquaintances needs recommendations less.

By search of housing through real estate agencies it is desirable to avoid services so-called information agencies. Such agencies submit for rather small payment (from several hundred rubles and above) the list of addresses (phones) of the apartments which are allegedly leased by owners. At such agencies it is usually specified in the contract for rendering services: subject of the contract - rendering information, consulting and other services, assistance in selection of the apartment and so forth. Almost all addresses and phones in practice are doubtful, inexact or outdated: or the apartment is not leased, either is handed just over, or is inaccessible for a sjem for other similar reasons.

However, sometimes in such a way nevertheless it is possible to rent apartment. But on it it is necessary to spend a set of time and efforts, including telephone negotiations, trips and all this without result guarantee. If you have a lot of free time, and the apartment is necessary not urgently, such option can be tested. Be just ready to a large number of the spent time and a possibility of receiving result through uncertain amount of time, up to several months.

Serious real estate agencies on established practices take in payment of the services for search and selection of the apartment of 100% of cost of rent of housing in 1 month. At the same time without advance payment or advance payment. Money is paid upon signing of the lease contract - entrance to the apartment. Insist on signing of the lease contract with the owner of the apartment. The documents confirming the property right are: the certificate on the property right, and also extract from the Unified State Register of Rights on real estate. Anyone can receive a similar extract, having paid 100 rubles of the state duty, in territorial division of Federal registration service in the location of the apartment.

It is desirable to state the next moments guaranteeing observance of the rights of the tenant (tenant) in the lease contract:

- the rent size, and the instruction on whether utility payments and a rent enter here;

- impossibility of change of a rate of a rent during period of validity of the contract;

- impossibility of cancellation of the lease contract (eviction) during period of validity of the lease contract or other term, for example 1 month from the moment of the written notice the Owner about cancellation of the contract;

- who else, except the tenant, can live in the apartment;

- the description of a condition of the apartment, especially to reflect defects, at their existence, for an exception further of claims from the owner (for example, the peeled wall-paper, the broken furniture and so on);

- meter readings of the electric power and water, existence of debt on phone and a rent.

The similar contract is valid in the simple written form signed by both parties of the contract. The contract will protect your interests in case of disputes with the owner of the apartment, and also will confirm legality of your accommodation, for example, in case of visit of police officers. I Will dare to remind

once again that the contract has to be surely signed by the owner of the apartment, otherwise will not have validity.

Signing the contract and giving money for rent, check also beforehand whether the received keys to apartment locks approach.

Good luck to you searching and less moving.