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Each of us can influence climate of Earth?

Scientists are lost - the nature did not set so multiple-factor task for science yet. Many are convinced today that the global catastrophe approaches.

The leading British expert on climatic processes, professor D. Lavlok declared not so long ago that climatic processes took place return point after which return of climate to a former, equilibrium state, is impossible, and mankind, most likely, will hardly be able to endure an era of global changes

At the Russian scientist A. N. Dmitriyev - professor, doctor geologist - mineralogical sciences, the physicist`s candidate - mathematical sciences, the expert in global ecology, mathematical geology and the fast-proceeding geophysical phenomena the view of the taking place events.

We entered all-planetary reorganization, similar to that that took place 67 million years ago when dinosaurs died. But multiple-factor complexity of withdrawal pains of the climatic car is yet not all complexity of events, - the scientist considers. - The matter is that the condition of Solar system is more and more sensitive to those factors which are not taken in attention by academicians, namely - to technical activity of mankind and that is especially important, to its psychological state and a spiritual orientation .

There is a high-speed climate change. it is established Today that earthquakes, floods, eruptions of volcanoes, hurricanes and a tsunami are not what other as reaction of the planet to considerable receipts of certain substances and energy in Solar system.

Moving towards Hercules`s constellation, the Solar system crosses a magnetostrip galactic stream now. According to data of radio telescopes, on a trajectory of the movement substance congestions are concentrated (ions of hydrogen, helium, oxygen, etc.) .

Introduction of additional energiya and substances causes difficult adaptation processes in Earth organism. The planet adapts to an environment in which it appears. The begun polarity reversal of a magnetic field of Earth also belongs to fine tuning. This process is followed by large climatic transformations. With escalating acceleration towards Northern and Southern magnetic poles of Earth each other move!

There is a high-speed climate change of Earth. The general temperature on the planet increases. There is an intensive thawing of ices. It influences temperature condition of the ocean. The huge mass of the water as cooled, and become warmer are formed. In the Arctic and Antarctica rapid development of vegetation begins. The taiga steps on the North, and fauna together with it.

Also change of a moisture circulation (somewhere dries, somewhere fills in), seismicity increase, change of the direction of a wind rose, withdrawal pains of the general field of pressure of the atmosphere is a consequence of these processes. Grozoaktivnost drawing changes, new types of power-intensive lightning discharges appear.

There are changes in Solar system. the Sun behaves is unpredictable. There are all new, inexplicable, the facts so far. Some of them, apparently, are connected with processes of a polarity reversal of the Sun and surges in intensity of its magnetic field. Many solar physicists have fear that there can be a superflash of the Sun that will lead to ionization of all atmosphere and creation of other magnetosphere.

The polarity reversal happens also on the magnetointerfaced planets - Uranium and the Neptune. Sharp growth of power of electromagnetic radiation of Jupiter is recorded. The planet - the giant increased magnetosphere power almost twice. And the sheaf the Sun - Jupiter forms an electromagnetic framework of Solar system.

It should be noted that inversion of the geomagnetic field of our planet cannot but affect a magnetic field of Jupiter. And ours weather and climate depend on behavior of the magnetic and electric fields connecting Earth with the Sun, Jupiter and other planets.

In other words, it is the general processes for all Solar system. And they have irreversible character.

How we influence the happening processes? Accidents are not so much a consequence of the going processes, how many result of full misunderstanding by mankind of the role and influence on a condition of Earth and other planets - Dmitriyev considers. - Today we develop the electric power approximately as much how many Earth spends for all static processes in a year. Thus, we caught up with power of seismicity of the planet. On Earth more than 50 million km of high-voltage power lines. Naturally, they are laid by economic criteria (as it is possible well and cheaper), so, inevitably cross non-uniform geophysical structures - breaks, fields and to that similar zones.

We know that often high-voltage lines feed a deep subsoil - it is one party of business. Another - is such qualities of the geologist - the physical environment when at some moment there is a failure and a napityvaniye electricity of an ionosphere and magnetosphere. As a result of more than 30% of magnetospheric indignations (averages) have a technogenic origin. Such state of affairs is catastrophic, it interferes with the processes necessary for existence of Earth!

In recent years the huge number of technogenic accidents - breaks of dams, explosions of nuclear reactors, accidents and t of fell upon us. First of all look for guilty persons: incompetent engineers, inattentive operators, dispatchers... Matter not only in them. Dmitriyev claims that in accidents of local technogenic systems indignations of the geological environment can be shown.

Now the term " is entered into use; local geophysical resonance . It can arise in connection with geomagnetic, ionospheric or underground indignation. For example, in crust in strong breeds plasma is generated. Further she emerges and moves on the massif, and then meets, for example, a house. Change spatially - temporary and power characteristics. The consequence of it is explosion, that is a local earthquake.

There is also such concept as psychoseismicity. Each of us possesses electromagnetic activity in frequencies from 0,07 to 60 hertz. In the same frequency borders there are all seismic processes in our environment. Keep in mind, - the scientist warns, - now psychological behavior - normal, ethical - is the " seismoregulator;.

Mental energy as it seems strange, is the correcting factor geological, geophysical and other changes of conditions of Earth. Quality of mental energy and its action depend on quality of thinking of the person. Learning it and operating it, we can participate in management of the Nature in those territories where we live. If we ignore the fact of influence of our mental energy on a condition of Earth, then we will become a plaything of destiny or even sources of serious accidents.

Unfortunately, the idea about human thought as tonkomaterialny substance and real energy is alien to official science and most of people. And the person, being the most powerful mental factor influencing planetary processes not only does not learn to operate them, but also tries to deny even the fact of such influence. Catastrophic consequences of it ignorances we observe today everywhere A. N. Dmitriyev calls

: Not for increase of a standard of living it is necessary to seek now, and for increase of level of morality . Otherwise human thinking, being in a conflict with Laws of the Nature, can begin process of self-destruction of race. But any more not the flood will be a cause of death, and fire, signs of it began to be shown everywhere.

Each of us has a real opportunity to influence all happening processes. This simple thought is the cornerstone of all doctrines of antiquity.