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Whether it is possible to read character or what tells handwriting about? Part 1. Whether

It is possible to recognize character of the person by handwriting? Yes! It is called a graphology. But the present graphology is too difficult in the description of structures of handwriting. And to consider at least superficially character of the personality, simple criteria of a pocherkovedeniye are required. The person, coming to work, can submit the fine summary and excellent intellectual level, but, knowing the hidden characteristics, it will be easier for head to coordinate work of collective. Also as at school - to the teacher. There are simplest criteria which will help to see with the person what is not opened by him.

The simplest characteristic - the size of letters . He points to relationship of the person with other people, reaction to surrounding reality. And also displays degree of its egocentrism and what lifestyle he prefers - active or contemplate.

The average size - 3 mm. The bold hand gives the person sociable, talkative, active and expressional. Such people are usually self-confident and courageous, tolerantly treat people around, but to be the focus of attention, can pretend to be, be boastful, inattentive.

Small handwriting indicates modesty and humility. People with such handwriting out of a circle of close friends are usually reserved, introspective, inclined to underestimation of the importance. Mind - their strength, they are capable to be in process of considering of any problem very long time.

People with handwriting of the average size reach compromise between thought and action. They are not inclined neither to overestimate, nor to underestimate own opportunities, can be both sociable, and closed. And if the extent of handwriting changes, it speaks about adaptability and compliance of the person. But change within one paragraph is explained by an unstable self-assessment.

Flatness of handwriting , the level of its systematization shows whether other considered details are positive or negative. For example, bold equal hand speaks about confidence, vigor and activity, and the same handwriting with the unsystematic organization means arrogance, impudence and impulsiveness.

Small systematic organized handwriting indicates the directed and reasonable use of energy and ability to think, considering all details. Badly organized small handwriting assumes a lack of self-confidence, shyness and concentration on own inner world.

The signature is an expression of how the person wants that it was perceived irrespective of whom he actually is. The main indicator of the signature - its clarity and clearness. If the signature is legible - the person is straightforward in communication, does not need elaborate representation to own personality, is self-sufficient, self-assured. It has strong consciousness and a healthy self-assessment.

The indistinct, too ornamented, elaborate signature indicates attempt to hide or to somehow compensate internal insolvency. It is necessary for such person that his presence was noticed. And simple, with taste the decorated signature means well developed esthetic sense, confidence, healthy social behavior.

This description will be enough for that at acquaintance to the person to learn that internally he is not self-assured or the fan to embellish own achievements. Once you only remember that character of the person - his personal record, and you should not discuss the details seen in his handwriting. You will just know for yourself how to communicate with this person.

Successful communication! Also remember - handwriting does not lie, we sometimes it incorrectly interpret it.

To be continued