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How deceive minor workers?

the Problem of labor employment of teenagers is widespread in our country. Many school students in summertime try to get a job to earn money for pocket expenses. The majority manages to make it. However on what concessions they should go?

Greedy employers, hunting for cheap labor, very often do not observe the Labour Code of the Russian Federation. Thereby, life and health of the young workers endanger. Instead of the put seven-hour day teenagers of 16 - 18 years work on eight, and even it is more than hours. Transporting fifty-kilogram bags, they also do not suspect that the admissible standard of weight is equal in their age 12 - 13 kilograms.

Think, what consequences can cause these actions of employers. They concern teenagers as to to healthy men also demand from them not children`s results of work.

According to the Labour Code of the Russian Federation, the employer has the right to employ the minor worker to himself in case it is allowed to this type of work by medical commission. But also the corrupted employers close eyes to it, employing the children who did not pass medical examination, and among them there can be also patients for whom this work can become the last in their life. Yes, as it is gloomy does not sound, but it so.

The labor Code also provides for minor workers annual vacation lasting thirty one calendar day, in any time, convenient for the worker. And employers try to get rid of workers who want to receive this holiday. Not fairly, and that the most important - is not lawful.

According to article 268 of the Labour Code of the Russian Federation, the persons which did not reach majority are forbidden to be sent to business trips, to involve in overtime work. But! All this occurs and will occur most likely!

The labor legislation of our country provides also others indulgences to minor workers, but employers do not try to carry out the duties before minors. As a result, as always children suffer! They are illegally dismissed, used on a hard work, deceived with charge of the earned payment - all this contradicts the legislation of our country.

I consider that are guilty of all this not only employers, but also parents who allow to find a job to children, apart from necessary to learn at least: where and as their children will work. Unless it is a lie? I think that the majority will agree with me.

Only you will be able to save the children from deception at work are their parents! Check where your children settle, and whenever possible, employ them! And if suddenly, for any reasons of your child deceived there, then be not afraid to appeal to the prosecutor`s office. Protect the rights of the children!