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How the depression is shown?

even more often meet Recently the word depression . The depression is recognized as one of the most widespread mental disorders in the world. Interesting fact: what more developed and equipped the country - that its inhabitants are more subject to depressions.

Each of us in own way imagines a depression and its manifestations. And, really, sometimes happens very difficult to diagnose this disease, without resorting to the help of the expert. In this article I want to tell about the main displays of a depression, and if some of them you suspect at yourself - I advise immediately to address the expert to avoid deterioration in a state and bad consequences.

So, we will begin. In general, the depression is often called an illness of contrasts. For example, the depression can be shown as in too slowed down condition of the person, and on the contrary, in too excited. Also both the gluttony, and total absence of appetite can accompany a depression. And, at last, the depression can be long or rapid.

Generally the grief, melancholy, a dejectedness, despair are normal emotional reaction of an organism to the negative incidents happening in life of each person.

A depression - something bigger, than normal emotional reaction. The depression is much deeper and more serious, it affects all aspects of human life.

Further, let`s consider how the depression can influence the person in various areas of life.

1. The pessimistic perception of the world

of People sees everything in black flowers. Finds in life more negative, than positive, perceives life one-sidedly. It is followed by hatred to itself, thoughts about senselessness of existence, a distance from people as they seem others and far.

2. The behavior characteristic of patients with a depression

absolutely opposite options meet Here, but they are united by one: they are other than normal behavior of this person.

First option: the person constantly feels tired, all the time is not enough forces, all the time arrives in a dozing state. At the same time often the person moves away from friends and relatives, motivating it with the fatigue.

In the second option of people, on the contrary, sleeps a little, becomes fussy, his head is constantly overflowed with thoughts. The person becomes irritable.

3. Influence on the relations

of People moves away from relatives, begins to avoid them. Criticism not peculiar to this person and irritability can be shown. It is also bad what a sick depression often avoids communication with those who could help it.

4. Physical displays of a depression

people who got used not to listen to the emotions can have a latent form of a depression. In that case the depression is shown only by physical signs, such as: elevated pressure, violations of appetite and dream, lack of a tone, change of weight. At the same time the visible reasons for such violations will not be.

Here we also considered the main displays of a depression. If you noticed something similar from these manifestations at yourself or your relatives - I advise to be reinsured and address the expert.

On it all. Thanks for attention!