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Who is he such, this di - Jay?

What associations arise at you at the word di - Jay ? Music, clubs, glory, popularity, money, easy life It is quite widespread stereotype. Life a disk - the jockey seems easy and not demanding any efforts. It would seem that can be simpler - one - two hours a day to put music, to do nothing the rest of the time and to receive at the same time decent money

Ya communicated with many di - Jay famous both only beginners, and personally, and on the Internet, and each of them mentioned this stereotype, speaking about the work. One of di - Jay told so:

Who such, in your opinion, di - Jay? The person who just puts music? No! Work of di - Jay is much more difficult! It is the whole philosophy. Present, you come into club, darkly, the stroboscope blinks, you hear a rhythm which begins to bring you, and you dance in crowd, among same, as well as you. Music operates you, and music operates di - Jay . Costing

behind the panel, di - Jay sees all, and he really operates them; that how many people on a dance floor how many in club and that they do depends on what plays di - Jay. But it is necessary to operate them correctly if it is possible so to speak as they want that, that is it is necessary to feel crowd, her requirements, desire and to give them what they ask.

Art of di - Jay also is in at first to bring together as much as possible people on a dance floor, and then not to allow them to disperse. At the same time all who come have to join crowd. There is quite widespread mistake of beginning di - Jay, it consists in aspiration to play, constantly accelerating, all quicker and quicker. It is incorrect, in - the first because it is impossible to accelerate constantly. In - the second, the person will not be able to sustain acceleration.

To be di - Jay not easy, and it is very difficult to become him. It is necessary to understand first of all that you are necessary to nobody. And even if all - to will take you in any club, will pay you very much and very few, and to demand much.

It is Not enough know what to play, it is necessary to know how. It is simple to put tracks one behind one is not di - a dzheing, it is necessary to be able to reduce tracks, it is necessary to operate them, it art, like the movie too. By means of separate sounds - actors separate tracks - scenes are created, but only the skillful expert will create the movie from a set of beautiful scenes. One of quite famous di - Jay in conversation with me mentioned

that now di - Jay became fashionable to call itself. Everyone who turns on the music already names himself Dee - Jay, the fan - the website creates and behaves promotion most. Without having any idea of club music, of technology of game, of the equipment

Also quite often there is a substitution of concepts - the people who are fond of writing of electronic music call di too - Jay and they sometimes so call themselves. Actually they - not di - Jay, and musicians, but for image attribute to the name or a nickname two letters - DJ. Each di - Jay writes music, but not everyone who writes music - di - Jay.

Besides to become di - Jay - too a difficult problem and expensive. It is possible to master house elements, to understand work of special programs, such as Trakror, however, to work in club, it is necessary to work with the professional equipment, and just like that will not allow to it. Training of money costs, and training in work with equipment is necessary as in it a set of the nuances. As well as in general in work of di - Jay.

P. S. This article is devoted to club di - Jay, - to Jay it has no relation to radio of di.