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What to do with the broken alarm clock? Instead of one useful subject you received their whole heap!

we Continue to share simple cunnings and a useless advice. For similar undertakings in the field of our sight the thing has to get some, well absolutely useless. And, here it. Got. Alarm clock.

An alarm clock in itself - the great thing though harmful in the mornings. However in it there are so much tempting useful trifles what just right to clean not only broken, but also still not bad working. Let`s wait, however: modern alarm clocks quickly fail. After couple of repairs (especially - executed at home) they are not subject to restoration any more. Means, here then - that joyfully and we clean!

Judge: frontal part of any alarm clock (that that with glass) is almost ready frame for the favourite photo (or - for the photo of darling). After simple creative completion though we put a frame with the photo though we hang up on a wall though in a pocket we carry - depends on the size...

Further - a spring. In an alarm clock their two. If they escaped, we store and we use in the same quality in the subsequent generations of alarm clocks. We do not throw out the burst spring too, and we apply in parts... Yes you never know where! Life will prompt. And we will manage to throw out always.

At last - gears! Simply we clamp the largest in a drill cartridge (at the same time the drill has to be at rest). As a result we receive a mill for cutting of plastic and even thin plywood sheets. Such mill will easily take old plaster if comes to your mind to lay in it a flute for the hidden electrical wiring. It is good to get small gears for convenience of work on the handle (certainly, writing, but not door). Such tool it is easy to plan an accurate seam with an equal length of stitches for sewing together of skin.

Be attentive, there is one more lovely gear with sharp cloves (near a pendulum), so it without problems will do to you any quantity of small holes in thin skin. Necks - I do not want!

Other useful gears will allow you to cut quickly sheets of stiff dough or, on the contrary, - it is pure and reliable to stick together edges of pelmeni, vareniki and chebureks. - it is correct to define the main thing what of them have to serve for cutting and what - for pasting. I believe that to you it in power.

Surely we turn off the remained gayechka, small screws and shpuntik from an alarm clock and we pour in the capacities prepared in advance. The same life, besides, will prompt - for what. For now, we joyfully examine the saved-up small riches and on their background promptly we grow in own eyes, quietly be touched to the greatness.