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If you are a head how to create to yourself a sneer company?

Special prevention: this article is not intended for too serious people. However, the author hopes that even they will be able to take out from her for themselves some advantage if do not perceive told literally and will try to read between lines.


Council 1: Violate the obligations! to

- it is You never know written in the labor legislation. Timely payment of a salary is an excessive luxury in modern conditions of business. Employees, they - not members of your team cannot suffer!

- Should not trouble itself, coming to the meeting by the appointed o`clock. It is destiny of subordinates. To, as to the management it is possible to allow to be late .

- Well, and holiday according to the schedule is in general only for the elite. That is for you. Plans and schedules are inappropriate here.

Council 2: To hell good manners!

- Show arrogance. It gives more importance. Especially well it can be applied in questions of nationalism, religious and social accessory.

- If the employee tries to explain you something more than half-minute in a row - kill it! In - the first, it had to be prepared for conversation with you. In - the second, your time - too expensive.

- If someone does not understand your instructions from the first, it is possible and to shout a bit. It happens it is useful, then the speed of thinking of subordinates sharply increases.

- the Concept ladies - in the business world is absent. Ladies - it in Amsterdam. Here they - at best - colleagues. Therefore, went, went, is faster for good reason - it just the fact that it is necessary. And to rise when it (colleague) comes or to open for it a door - well this absolutely superfluous.

- For a change can send a couple of invitations to your action when to accept it already too late. Let those keep at a distance , you know who.

Council 3: Competence? - To anything!

Competence has to be at those who work for you. They are obliged to make to you expert recommendations. Your, final decisions can quite be based on high quality intuition . Therefore - that you and the head! As a last resort, it is possible to call the psychic, let will give advice. Or it is even better, it is possible to descend in church, to put a candle for success of the enterprise. If results are unsatisfactory, the vorozhikh can call, let will remove damage.

Council 4: What is permitted to Jupiter, not permitted to a bull

you on and the head to do that it is not allowed to others. And why, you think, then directly near the head`s office often settles down shower, and in the office of any head respected himself there is a sofa. Here - here, for this purpose Sex, alcohol, drugs, public scandals and showdowns with relatives. Yes you never know still ways to show who is who.

One my familiar head, for example, experimented, playing upon heartstrings of the personnel. At the same time pitted people among themselves. Once it called the head of department A and the employee of the same department. Also declared: No Matter, that you, the head of department A, quite not bad cope with the duties. This employee because it is pleasant to me will direct from now on your department. Let`s look what from this will leave . This chelendzh! What he arranged such " is remarkable; games with the purpose to lift motivation of employees. This story to me was told by the offended former head of department A. What proves that it is an excellent way to cause black PR about itself, by drain of the subordinates.

Council 5: Create the secret covered with a gloom

and) Lack of the purpose. Create a situation when employees do not even guess that your organization has a purpose. Never set the purposes for subordinates! Let your company make impression of toshnotny boredom: people once had the purposes, aspired to something, but not now. Let all their interests be reduced to discussion daily bread soap series, surrounding objects. Performance of work will become a tiresome duty and a favor from subordinates. Government institutions can be a striking example of such collective. What else to be engaged in as not the next smoke break? You as the head also will be included in the category of objects which they discuss during the day.

b) Information vacuum about the head directed by it the project, etc. Secrets attract attention of people. If there is no information, people will invent it. The less your employees know about you, the soil for their rich imagination and imagination is better. Therefore create more secrets: - Private life? - Does not concern you? - Hobby? - Not your business! - Property? - Really you afford?! - Biography? - You are dismissed!

Council 6: Nothing undertakes from anywhere and vanishes in anywhere

there are people who specialize on creation of bad images. As a rule, you will not notice and do not define them at once, yours faithful assistants in creation of ill fame about you. But signs all - are:

In the speech they use generalizations. All know About it It always . It already bothered all . All speak and to that similar things.

They are inclined to exaggerate and underestimate news for the worse. (For example if Petya and Masha got married, then they by all means will tell all that Masha, most likely, for a long time in the situation .)

They do not broadcast good news and savor bad news.

to Them does not manage to finish the begun affairs.

They actively support destructive groups and projects.

Is also other signs, but these are most remarkable concerning creation of black PR. Having found such person in the ranks, at once bring closer him to yourself! His Holte, cherish. Raise to it a salary and offer promotion.

Council 7: The Bad sheep will spoil all herd as

By no means, under no circumstances employ the specialist in PR. You will meet someone who says that he is ready to be engaged in internal PR in your company - kick it out! You never know that Laura and Al Rice recommend that the head devoted 90% of the working hours to own PR. We saw such authorities! Conform only to the rules given above, and a total failure to your business and you as to the head - it is guaranteed.

The used materials:

Bases of public relations L. R. Hubbard. Advertizing Decline. Blossoming of PR Laura and Al Rice.