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How to us to cope with globalization?

As you imagine society of the future? All mankind enslaved by cars with artificial intelligence is shipped in dreams of virtual reality of a la the Matrix? It is unreal! you will tell? Look then at statistics of growth of video games. And how about the fact that in the European Union the game addiction was recognized as an illness, along with alcoholism and drug addiction recently? Only computer games are not limited and not forbidden and violently and legally blossom, every year becoming more and more realistic, more tightening to the illusory worlds created by them. Not far off that day when the reality of a computer game a little in what differs from real.

Perhaps, the option of the third world war with use of the nuclear weapon is unreal too? It is real. Moreover as! The mankind did not know such calm between large wars yet, and resources - that, as we know, are limited. Perhaps the population of the planet slowly grows? There will be only 7 billion soon! What trifle! And only 1/3 of them starve, 2/3 have no access to clear drinking water. Perhaps, just there will come already late next Ice Age? And the most important how all this is rough technological progress on the one hand and socially / an economic crisis together with natural cataclysms - is combined with another? And the most important - why???

How you think in what era we live now? In my opinion (and not only), during an era of information and telecommunication revolution. Before 90 - x only military yes scientists knew about the Internet. Now Internet everywhere and everywhere. Every year more and more branches transfer the activity to virtual space, beginning from travel agencies and finishing the exchanges. Electronic channels of communication incomparably quicker and more effectively, than paper, in delivery of a media product to the consumer. Add on e-mail here, all the Internet messengers and chats and you receive the big village where all about all know everything. Or learn in a couple of minutes, having addressed in any search engine.

What happens to desires educated person? Correctly, they increase in proportion to the number of new information. And what then? And then at this person from - for understanding of an abyss between the opportunities and requirements of time the irritation and a stress resulting in hatred collects. Poor hates because he realizes more and more as far as it is poorer than the rich and rich - because is afraid that poor it navedatsya to it in one fine day with the axe to counterbalance a state of affairs. Mankind steadily all more realizes a mutually inclusiveness all people on the planet each other. And the galloping globalization carries out not the last role in this process. However at the current level of development of consciousness of the person this mutually inclusiveness brings only more sufferings to people, only inflate their egoistical desires to the improbable size, leaving them without satisfaction. The approaching global ecological crisis serves only as the amplifier of a lash which the Nature adjusts people to the Way of love and a consent among themselves. Without observing its basic law Love the Neighbor as Yourself our civilization is doomed. She will just not be capable to survive in this new condition of understanding of global mutually inclusion, without carrying out this main law.

How to ourselves to run ahead of this flywheel of the Universe, out of reach of a lash of crises and accidents?

Let`s imagine for an instant that all advertizing industry suddenly instead of luxury goods began to advertize a true friendship which is under construction on mutual understanding and mutual aid.

If in society altruistic values steadily are created, then people will be ahead of each other in return to the neighbor. It will be followed by chain reaction. Because the good generates good. Because the Nature is created and lives on the principles of return and love. Because in fact all evil is also created only in order that the person himself, consciously chose good, chose life.