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How to make letcho in house conditions?

Already also come to the end the summer period of preparations of vegetables, fruit, berries and other vegetation on the winter use. Probably, it is practically possible to find with own hand prepared jars hidden to cold weather with salty or marinated tomatoes and cucumbers in each family (where we without them). And here such tasty product as of letcho , for some reason seldom at whom you will meet. Perhaps, many just never tried this dish and do not guess that it is tasty, or consider that it is unreal to prepare difficult, and there can be all business just in lack of the recipe. If this is so, then I try to correct a situation immediately.

If who does not know, then of l é cho is the vegetable dish prepared according to the special recipe from sweet pepper.

We will consider several recipes.

The Bulgarian letcho

the Sweet pepper (cut) - 1 kg

Tomato puree - 1 kg

Sugar - the 2nd table. spoons

Salt - 1 table. the spoon

Fresh sweet pepper - green, red or partially reddened - to clear of fruit stems and semyanosets, to cut lengthways on segments 2 cm wide (at the basis) or on small squares. To separately make mashed potatoes from tomatoes (to wipe or via the juice extractor). To uvarit mashed potatoes by 2 - 3 times (it is possible to take ready tomato paste and to part it with water by 2 - 3 times (see on density) - it turns out even more tasty and simpler, than on tomatoes, but taste of the paste is important). To fill in tomato puree in a pan and to bring to boiling. To add salt, sugar, the cut pepper. To boil 20 - 30 minutes, periodically stirring slowly. Then it is possible to roll up in the sterilized banks.

The Hungarian letcho

Green pepper - 1,4 kg

Tomatoes - 600 g

Onion - 2 pieces.

Fat pork (smalets) - 80 g

Smoked salted pork fat - 50 g

the Paprika - 5 g

Salt - to taste


Pods of green pepper to clear and cut wide strips. To lower tomatoes for several seconds in boiled water, to clear of a thin skin and to cut on quarters. To chop onions half rings. To put fat in a big wide pan and to roast on it to transparency the salted pork fat cut in small cubes, to pour the chopped onions and to redden it to light-brown color. To add a paprika, to stir quickly and to immediately put the cut green pepper and tomatoes. To salt and extinguish at first without cover on strong fire, then when the part of liquid is evaporated, under a cover on moderate fire to readiness.

Letcho can be used as seasoning or a garnish. As the independent dish of letcho is given with addition in it of sausages or sausages, entirely or cut by circles, it is possible to add the shaken-up eggs to letcho and to bake. It is possible to pour also at the beginning of suppression a little rice.

Russian " letcho; Tomatoes - 3 kg

the Sweet pepper (cut) - 1,5 kg

Onion - 0,5 kg

Carrots - 0,5 kg

Vegetable oil - 200 ml

Vinegar - 100 ml

Sugar - 200 g

Salt - 2 tablespoons

Tomatoes to pass

via the meat grinder. To add sugar, vegetable oil, salt. To boil 15 minutes. To add the carrots grated on a large grater, vinegar and to boil 15 more minutes. After that to put in a pan cut by strips (at will it is possible also small squares of any size) sweet pepper, two - three crushed bulbs and to boil half an hour more. Now it is possible to spill on banks and to roll up.

The Russian option of letcho often occurs in printing editions with such names as: mixed vegetables, vegetable salad, pepper salad, etc.

In general recipes of letcho there is a great variety as at each culinary specialist or just skilled hostess over time by insignificant transformations of the existing recipe it turns out own. So be not surprised if where - nibud you will meet the recipes which are a little differing from offered by me.

And finally council: be not afraid to experiment, safely adjust recipe proportions to own taste. For example, in Russian " letcho; to reduce acid, it is possible not to put vinegar; also in all recipes it is possible to change a ratio of tomatoes and pepper, and about salt and sugar, I think, and so it is clear to all. The only thing what it is necessary to pay attention to: traditional Bulgarian letcho is a mix only of pepper, tomatoes, salts, sugar and any vinegar, onions, spices and so forth; at the Hungarian letcho surely there is a salted pork fat; and distinctive feature of Russian " letcho; - it is carrot and onions though happens, something is put one from this.

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