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Whether it is possible to cut scissors glass?

the Name of article, probably, are generated by a counter question: And why glass to cut scissors?

Really, flew down - not fabric, not paper. Meanwhile the industry lets out quite large number of various models of glass-cutters for different types of cutting of glass.

However what only in life does not happen. There are situations which we got used to call supernumerary when for some reasons can urgently be required to cut out a certain form from glass, and the glass-cutter at the same time near at hand will not appear.

I will give an example of a similar situation.

Somehow I went to an independent backpacking. During travel glass of my round small lamp broke. Annoyingly. Especially as shops nearby were not. On my way the standing estate met aloone. Hospitable owners tried to help my grief and found a piece of a beaten windowpane. However the glass-cutter at them did not appear. Having remembered childhood entertainments, I told them technology of a hairstyle of glass ordinary sartorial scissors. My story so interested owners that they with pleasure not only watched my further actions, but also with pleasure I was helped.

For this purpose I asked scissors and a sheet of paper from a student`s notebook. Scissors and paper - objects widespread, also were without special work. By means of scissors the circle which was window model from glass was cut out from paper. Subsequently, the cut-out paper circle was applied as the copier on which round glass was cut off.

Owners had a capacious three-bucket linen tank which is necessary for the organization of the water environment. When the tank was filled with water, I got to work. Having taken a piece of glass in the left hand, and scissors in right, shipped them in water almost on a tank bottom. Gradually cutting edges of glass, began to give it the form of a polyhedron.

Here it is necessary to notice that it is not necessary to try perestrich glass on a given size at once. It is necessary to cut on slightly - slightly, trimming the edges. When the polyhedron the look reminded a circle, the little bigger to the model which is cut out from paper, I took out glass from water, applied to it a circle from paper and pressed paper to glass a thumb. Then back shipped glass in water and continued to cut, gradually approaching a contour of a paper circle which was the copier at present.

In a few minutes I finished work and pulled out the fragment of glass which is brought closer by the sizes to the set circle from water. Further in the water environment by means of grinding whetstone sharp ledges were processed. The circle with a little bit uneven edges turned out, but it very well rose to the place of glass which protects a reflector and a bulb of a small lamp.

Having utilized waste and having well washed out a tank, I thanked owners for the given help. They were glad to the acquired knowledge, and I - to the repaired small lamp. We friendly said goodbye.

Finishing the story, I will tell that glass can really be cut scissors, but the water environment which will protect glass from chaotic cracking, and you from the flying splinters is for this purpose necessary. And, the more the volume of water glass, the better is more deeply shipped.