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What is wanted by mother? (It is a little powder on sober brains of readers) whether

are Known by you what in fact represents education? Education is a management. Management of the child, wife, husband etc., more precisely - the direction of the listed above objects in the party necessary to you.

What you use for this purpose? Resources which you have: material (clothes, food, living space, inheritance), money and time.

From the point of view of science education can be characterized as a control system with feedback. And whether you know that the device which you use every day is model of such management? Only the one who is familiar with the theory of automatic control can answer. You do not guess? It is a drain tank of a toilet bowl. As you remember, its filling happens automatically when opening the drain valve.

We will not press in the analysis, we will tell only that the task of mother (father) consists in that the head of the child (vessel) was filled with the necessary things all the time, namely: respect for what is told by parents. If this respect decreases in volume, the valve opens and there is a filling of the devastated head

(with age discharge from this vessel decreases owing to the fact that the grown-up child does not seek to be exempted quickly from the knowledge gained earlier).

The interesting story was recently described in one of articles in ShZh . The author observed conversation of the grandmother and granddaughter. The granddaughter wanted to invite to herself on a visit the neigbour, and the grandmother set a condition: to eat its Russian cabbage soup. The granddaughter suggested to eat cutlets, rice porridge, something else - the grandmother was unshakable. Eventually the granddaughter refused idea to invite on a visit the girlfriend.

We will consider it from the point of view of use of resources and with that, and on the other hand. At the grandmother - it is Russian cabbage soup. At the granddaughter - an opportunity to eat them. But absence of desire is a lack of a resource. The grandmother owing to the developed circumstances brought the granddaughter to desired to her to result. But the grandmother had unused one more opportunity which we did not mention earlier - powers of authority, a possibility of the power solution of a question.

The power decision - a direct ban on visit of the girlfriend and if it is required - that and just exclusion of the guest from the house. It is a last resort, and it is applied only if the grandmother has on that permission of parents. Being put by scientists into words - the grandmother delegated powers, defined borders of its power.

Thus, there is a parameter - behavior of the granddaughter, there is an influence - the grandmother also is feedback - an assessment of the behavior (in this case the assessment is done by the grandmother). The system is closed that provides deduction of the granddaughter in the set borders.

For what all this crap? Business all that management efficiency directly depends on distribution of powers between control links - and it was simplest to be shown on a family.

In due time I had to deal with a problem of performance of orders and orders of the management. One curious feature became clear: neither the master, nor the senior master, nor the supervising foreman could stimulate workers independently, only in coordination with the foreman. Neither to punish, nor to encourage. The average control link was deprived of any levers of impact on personnel, did not hold authority. Respectively and instructions of these people did not osobospeshit to carry out, and even completely ignored.

If you have an organization in which not less than two levels of management, then you have to (if you want effective work) to weigh carefully what resources to make available to each level of management.

As a rule, there is a tendency to centralization of the power. However the system becomes nonflexible, it cannot quickly react to the current changes: for the decision it is necessary to address every time the management. On the other hand, transfer on the lower levels of management of excessively great opportunities can lead to controllability loss.

There are no unambiguous recipes, decisions on delegation of powers are made depending on specifics of work of the organization. Only severe condition: finance has to be controlled only on the top. Without it the firm is doomed.

If you are interested in issuing distribution of resources on levels of management in writing, get acquainted with the army disciplinary charter. In it powers of officials from the assistant to the commander of a platoon to the deputy minister of defense are painted. Very useful document for those who want to increase effective management of the organization.

It is possible to add the following. At heads of the second and lower than the levels of management can not be material resources (for example, it cannot give an award or any gift as encouragement for good work or deprive of the worker something in the same sort), but it always has a time resource. It means that he can permit to come later, to leave earlier or to give holiday at the expense of firm or at the expense of the worker. Also it is desirable to designate these opportunities for different levels for management efficiency increase.

The charter does not suit for the house use at all because a family - not army (except for comical cases). But look how you distribute powers in a family. If you do not find that to change - you have an ideal family!