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where we go?

of I want to believe

plain phrase, truth? I want to trust Only to trust it is enough? In our modern world? Where belief - a consolation weak? Yes, it is enough.

Especially as our hi-tech world seems, leaked, and here - here will sink. Why? Just there came crisis. The way on which the mankind develops the last one and a half centuries was wrong. Deadlock.

Rates of development in the present world, unfortunately, are slowed down in a geometrical progression, despite constant cheers in mass media about the growing rates of progress. Ourselves deceive ourselves. It is much easier to live, growing up roses in the middle of the field fight, directly in the center of battle. Pleasure in ignorance is true.

if to ponder, then for one and a half centuries such number of various discoveries was made that there was nothing to open, in fact. And progress became for our civilization some similarity of drug - for the short period of accustoming - progress jump, the mankind tested all types of pleasures and illusions. And now without it at an organism of a civilization the withdrawal pains began. Not to pick up other word which was so fully displaying an essence of the events.

It is just necessary to look at the fact that, say, in the field of science quite long time does not occur any large opening. Painting, a sculpture - people admire botched work of primacies and other animals, without paying attention to beauty of the dying-away world. Literature - numerous hand-made articles - clones which even the name not to remember next day after reading. Satire and humour - everything rolled down to sortirny humour, a mat and plagiarism. The platform - is similar to literature - the same disposable hand-made articles without soul.

Lack of any movement also begins to dement mankind. Subconsciousness of the person was not ready to a huge number of information which fell down it, and responded new phobias, new problems, new diseases. As a result what had to improve human life ruins it. Existence it is reduced to a survival, to fight with itself.

Having gone on this way of development by huge steps of progress, the mankind lost on the road of feeling which did not allow to die away lives on our planet. Strangely enough, but everything, made and opened earlier a napoverka appears better and more simply.

Modern medicine though evolved very dramatically. But those means by which were treated in the ancient time not only help, but also sometimes work even much more effectively than modern tablets. In modern cinema, despite all abundance of special effects, there are practically no beautiful works when the pictures shot only half a century back are called standards, and not for nothing. Also and in music - great variety of tools, rhythms, styles, but Beethoven, Bach, Strauss`s symphonies played on simple tools on the sounding will not be compared to anything. Works of many classics of literature study for centuries, on studying of many modern novels much less time would leave.

For this reason now some people begin to be wrapped back, in search of what was left in dust of roads on which the mankind in a pursuit of progress got to the deadlock. They remember, than there lived people of the past. They anew should learn what is feelings what is belief, love, compassion. And having learned, they any more never come back to that world in which they lived earlier. Because now to them is for the sake of what to live.

Can they look for other road, can just want, having returned back, to realize that they lost and whether loss of a prize cost Perhaps, someone from them tries to realize that he made that huge jump of progress with the world. And someone just wants to hope and trust to

of And I want to believe