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About work at home or How not to be deceived?

are So much announcements - the typesetter of the text at home, the keyboarder, the independent manager It is easy to find all these announcements in the Internet, all of them promise a high salary, work without leaving the house, a heap of free time and the minimum age limits - from 16 to 70.

Invitingly Of course, it is necessary to try! So, we find the announcement it seems: Typesetters of the text urgently are required for Publishing house. Payment of 12 rub for the page. It is necessary to work at home, to send work on e - mail, money is transferred on on - line to purses. Write . We send to the employer the letter.

Usually the answer from " publishing houses; does not keep itself waiting. And what we see there? All who feel like it ask for poor publishing house for work, take work, and then do not carry out it! The publishing house sustains losses. Therefore an exit was thought up - you pay a single contribution (usually about 100 rubles) and the company sends you the first work. If you execute it - your contribution you are given together with the fee.

Well, we will pay what to us 100 rubles in comparison with a further salary?

We get online - a purse, we run in the next terminal and we enter money into the account. We list them on the purse specified by the employer and we wait. We wait for day, two, three. Eventually, the truth comes: us just parted as if rabbits, deceived as veriest fools.

Nothing, 100 rubles - not really high price for the got experience: we are employed to receive money, and not vice versa. And previously we for as when we do not pay!

of Vacancies to a position typesetter - the sea, but hardly at least 1% make real vacancies from employers. Usually such position means interview, trips to office and other. Mostly the task is in filling the text from audiofiles.

It can turn out that you will really come across the employer who and really needs from you not money, and the performed work. The usual trial page which is given you and as an example, and at the same time as it is possible to execute and send the proof that you is valid in frets with grammar. And here if you are given pages 20 of the text and ask to fill / modify it, having promised after to send money, then, most likely, you do not receive the royalties for work.

I will distinguish also one more look from a set of earnings in the Network from work at home / distant work - the independent manager undressed. Mysterious profession, truth? Usually very entertaining business is meant: you buy from the employer goods (for what it is possible to pay once, and to sell unlimited number), which in principle are necessary to you as a small fish an umbrella. Work is in finding on this to nobody the necessary goods of buyers, and then - I apologize - the employer allows to push these goods of

For a start to you the term (it is admissible, month) that you looked for clients. From you nobody takes money. If you understand that demand for goods is quite big (at least the person 10), then you buy part of goods from the employer. Usually it is parts of the book it seems How to make own business . There is the first part, for example, 10 dollars. You pay them to the employer, after that your clients - everyone! - pay as much you. Further it is possible to buy and sell the second part (as a rule, costs more expensively) and so on.

In such business deception happens seldom, the main thing to be on the alert and always the nobility what you pay for and that has to be received at the same time. In this case the seller does not have a reason to take from you money and lays down on a bottom because it loses an opportunity to take from you even more the crackling pieces of paper.

Swindlers are ready for inventions therefore it is impossible to provide everything. However I tried to select several general rules:

not to pay in advance money,

not to do a large number of work if you yet never received money from the employer,

not to send a passport photocopy, not to specify about itself excess data (I even on the Internet do not expose the surname, I use a pseudonym).

I hope, following these rules and always remembering that it is better to perebdet, than to nedobdet you will not give yourselves to deceive!