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What she is a beloved of the poet and in what her fault?

I somehow Re-read materials to V. V. Mayakovsky`s biography.

In one of articles my attention was drawn by the phrase: talk on to what has to and what should not be love of the genius, is conducted since then as Pushkin married Natalya Nikolaevna Goncharova .

Both poets - both Pushkin, and Mayakovsky - to death were led by love. But whether there is in it a wine of their beloveds? Why many consider, as to that, and another it was necessary to choose to himself another? What they were - beloveds of poets?

Natalya Nikolaevna Goncharova. Genius`s wife. This woman causes so different and inconsistent estimates among Pushkin scholars, Pushkin`s biographers that, relying on their works, it is difficult to make about her a certain opinion.

One mythologize Natalya`s image, allocating her with such qualities which existence at herself and Natalya, most likely, did not guess. It is called first European beauty the best equestrian in St. Petersburg, the best chess player of the capital which beat the famous foreign master. Some report about great success of Natalya in literature and journalism, and also about considerable abilities in mathematics. Speak about her high spirituality and even about sanctity and unearthly essence.

Others consider Natalya too practical and spiritless, possessing near mind. They disprove almost everything told by Natalya`s defenders. Great success in literature and journalism?! Da Natalya was just awfully illiterate. Once Pushkin asked it to rewrite the French text of notes of Catherine II. She rewrote nine pages, but made such quantity of mistakes that the husband had to refuse its services. The remained Natalya`s letters speak about her awful written Russian. And she only learned to play chess - mastered names of figures and the courses. The equestrian it, really, was quite good, however not the best in the capital.

But first of all everything, writing about Natalya, is interested she a role in duels, her guilt or innocence. The first consider Natalya as the innocent victim of circumstances. Are sure that it was honest before the husband - change was not. Others pick moral shape of Natalya to pieces - and is in love - she was in Dantes, and physical change took place to be. However Dantes`s letters to the adoptive father in which the young Frenchman told of conversation with Natalya Pushkina were found: she admitted the deep feelings to it, but let know that she does not intend to change the spouse.

Some go further away and declare that Dantes was only cover for Nikolay 1. Veresayev in the book Satellites Pushkina speaks about a high probability of the fact that at Nikolay very gentle relations which results had to be covered with marriage with appeasable Lansky " were entered with Natalya;. That is, in his opinion, these relations were entered after death Pushkina. But the foundation was laid by it during lifetime of the poet. And his death was necessary to the emperor only to clean from a way of too rebellious and proud rival.

Marina Tsvetaeva wrote: There is in Natalya Goncharova nothing bad, anything vicious There was in it one: beauty. Only - the beauty, it is simple - the beauty The naked beauty striking as a sword. Also struck . Tsvetaeva exculpates with Natalya for death of the poet. The death Pushkina, according to Marina, was foreordained to it from a cradle, and therefore Natalya - not the reason, but only an occasion.

Before death Pushkin told the wife: You are not guilty of anything! He really loved the Madonna Muse queen angel zhenka to a musty smell fight - the woman also did not consider it guilty of what occurred.

Lille Yurevna of BRIC. Beloved of the genius. In one day young Mayakovsky met this woman and fell in love for the rest of life. It is difficult to overestimate its value in life of the poet. After a meeting with Brikami (Liley i ee muzhem Osipom) Mayakovsky began to dress tastefully, cured teeth. Lille helped it to adjust life. It is considered that Briki cultivated young poet. But not this main thing! The main thing the fact that after a meeting about Lilley LUBOV became for Mayakovsky heart of all . The love defined from now on all its existence and all his creativity.

Lille declared to the husband that loves Mayakovsky. They began to live together. Life against which the love boat of Mayakovsky crashed began. Not at once, of course. At first there were several years of mad happiness. The mutual love loaded the poet with huge creative energy. He presented to Lila a ring on which her initials - L. Yu. B were engraved. If to read these letters around, then they will develop in infinite I LOVE .

But over time Lily`s love to the poet began to come to naught. She suggested it to live separately. What did he feel at this time? Once Lille wrote in a note that has to it no former feelings any more. They continued to live three together. But only as friends. To live near the woman whom still you love, but which does not love you, probably, that still torture! Lille told Mayakovsky about the new relations and shared details, causing it the most severe pain.

It had hobbies too, but there was no that love which he felt to Lila. Besides Lille vigilantly watched that hobbies of the poet did not develop into something serious. She wanted to be the only Muse of the poet eternally. She should have asked only that he did not marry Natalya Bryukhanenko as Mayakovsky cancelled a wedding. Over time Mayakovsky nevertheless met the woman to whom he had feelings. It was Veronika Polonskaya, the actress of the Moscow Art Theatre. But that was married and did not hurry to leave the husband as she, from her words, was afraid of Lilya Brik`s intervention which could happen at any time.

Loneliness and unrequited love to Lila, impossibility to find consolations with other woman - all this forced the poet to put a bullet point in the end . In the last letter from Mayakovsky received by Lilley it is written: Lille - love me . Only it could rescue the poet. But Lille did not love it any more as he wanted.

Many consider that the tragedy of both poets that they fell in love not with those women. Lilya Brik noticed once that it would be better for Mayakovsky to marry their maid Annushka. Such woman as Brik - the fatal, not appreciating traditional family values, seeking for man`s worship, with ease changing husbands and lovers - not most convenient object of love.

Pasternak once noticed that if Pushkin at the choice of the wife was guided by common sense, then would marry someone from Pushkin scholars. Because too abused Natalya Goncharova much and considered the choice Pushkina unsuccessful.

Many forgot that in the Bible is told: This Secret is big is . It is ridiculous to argue on correctness or abnormality of the choice of object of love, at least. The love comes suddenly, without giving the chance to weigh everything pros and cons and to make the correct decision.

Life of these two poets reminds me blossoming of poppies from Nosov`s story Live flame - let life at these flowers, but as it is fine is also short! Short life two loving geniuses, but what lived! Fine their life made love! Therefore these women need be not to abused, and to thank! The tragedy in both cases happened not only and not just because women were such difficult but because the love of the genius is not some " there; lyubyonochek and most LYUBOVISHCHA !