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How to make so that all left you alone? A lesson 2 for future billionaires.

of Dream, dreams, where your sweet?

of Dream left, there was a muck.

In these two lines life of overwhelming number of people is described.

Continuation. Beginning How many money is necessary to you to Zhist ? The first lesson for future billionaires. read here.

I hope that all your desires (so far only material) are written, money to Zhist are counted.

Now, in principle, it is necessary to do something. To you the small fish without effort will not jump out of a pond. Nothing will become that it is necessary for you if you do nothing. However the result will be same if it is not worse if you do not that it is necessary for you, and it is necessary for someone to another! You just enrich other people, and to yourself will earn a salary, average market for your profession, which will be enough for food, clothing and payment of accounts (together with the credits). Even in the countries which we on a habit call developed so there lives the vast majority of the population.

The salary is, and here what we consider as wealth, in any case, in its money equivalent no.

And there will be no it if you go in the standard ways as there are all. If in the market there are a lot of identical goods, it is very easy to calculate market price of one of them. It is only necessary to compare these goods to others and to find out, it is better or it is worse, or it is worse and as far as. Then from the qualitative characteristic approximately to define target audience, demand at this audience and the approximate price. Procedure is standard, even computer program with it poorly - poorly copes (at rather big and objective database.) .

And here if goods unique? Well, it is not in the market! How much is it? Nobody knows. The same Donald Trump, when developed the concept of trampavilly, was, of course, not the first. But, having brought the highlight, he quickly sold (and it is expensive!) shares of the company, so far the people did not understand that the offer, in principle, standard. So, Donald Trump became a billionaire, and millions of shareholders became about 40% poorer.

But we will return to our rams, i.e. country houses, yachts and daily breakfasts in Metropol . However, all this so far is only written on paper. How to turn now your scribble from a notebook (notebooks) into a hard coin, and then and in such, absolutely necessary for you, a thing?

The first rule without which acquisition is just impossible though any considerable monetary state (I do not take into account a prize in a lottery or sudden inheritance) is Well and how you think? No, at all not that.

It is free time. Daily allocation of time when nobody disturbs you - the main source of successful start in society very much (or very much - very much) wealthy people.

So, allocate yourself time. It is better if it is every day and approximately same interval of time. Through some time (about three weeks) the organism will get used, and at this particular time will be, sometimes without any efforts of you, to enter a creative state.

Here only at first it is necessary to suffer! And it is strong. On myself I know!

At first for the privilege to do nothing You should wage real war with the relatives. Yes, yes! They will try to tear off all the time you from this paramount (without quotes) occupations.

Especially children. These fidgets do not understand at all that they tear off you on semi-thought or tread sprouts of the comfortable future. To persuade, to appeal to conscience, to swear, be irritated - it is useless! It will be especially heavy to you in the first days. Then, gradually, all will get used to yours to strangenesses and it will be easier for you!

And you know how it is possible to turn children from otvlekatel and even torturers into assistants and business partners? Yes, yes! Business partners! To do serious work together with them. Tell children that you learned about new, tremendous game. Explain in language available to them how to consider that it is necessary for them for life help them to get the notebooks with calculations. Be going every evening to council and arrange brainstorming on the subject how to earn on this or that thing (goods, service) . Having spent some time for such training, you will not lose its (time), and will get, and repeatedly.

In - the first, both children, and adults will just cease to disturb you. You do not idle, and play with children., It seems, at business.

In - the second, children - huge, just inexhaustible source of original ideas. Besides, there are no more grateful your listeners crazy ideas about some billions .

In the third, you teach to think of children unconventionally, to solve problems, but it is not stupid to carry out someone`s instructions. Then they already just will not be able to live as all! So you will give to the children huge competitive advantage in their further life.

So, time is allocated, children (if they are) are connected to creative process, relatives do not touch you. Are trained Generally, nobody disturbs and which - who helps.

What to do is farther?

Time is and what with it to do? It seems. What - is known. In a notebook it is written down.

And really?

when you watch TV, for you everything was thought over by the director, at work for you the chief (chief), in the company all as always, by tradition, and other, other, other

As to think - that, our way, on - milliardersk thinks?

To be continued