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And whether it is necessary to know all truth?

the Husband returned from rest where you at peak of trust released its one.

You with own hand laid in its suitcase a sexual superfashionable undershirt, by the way, you and bought, a heap of elegant t-shirts, brand new stylish swimming trunks in which it is not a shame to seem in the most fashionable resort.

And here it on a threshold with gifts, souvenirs, embraces and new undying shine in eyes which you observed last time about five years ago at the beginning of your relations. In turmoil of a meeting the disturbing chill in a breast gradually disappears and there is an explanation: missed immensely

Step by step the happy moments of rest recorded by a passionless eye of a photolens reveal constant presence almost in all pictures of the certain hitched-up nose in an aura enough thin hair. Explanations that it is the girl from their group, surprising, by the way, sincere and other qualities, almost absolutely convince: was.

From this point you lose rest, a dream, self-control, self-confidence. You remind the police dog following in the tracks...

The benevolent inquiries passing tears into hysterical requirements to admit everything, sometimes are started anew ends also in a fight.

Having remembered popular wisdom: The husband tells Not all truth to the wife, and and tells, so deceives - you bring together support group from among colleagues of the husband, their wives and friends from whom it is possible to obtain additional information.

At last, at the price of incredible efforts, torn nerves and finally spoiled relations you learn all truth.

And what now to do with this truth? To file for divorce?

But you loved, it was always interesting to you together, you helped and supported each other at a difficult moment. You do not think of life without this person.

To revenge and change with somebody?

Speak, helps and relieves forever of painful experiences. But also the love can leave, that is on what your marriage kept.

The option elected by Anna Karenina is least popular today. Even more often women just fall into a deep depression or transfer a nervous breakdown.

There is a fear that it will not be possible to keep marriage that any minute the husband will pack things and will leave. Though according to only 5% of holiday romances have continuation and come to an end with marriage.

There are doubts concerning decency and reliability of the partner. Having Once lain who will believe you?

If in a family children, then suffer first of all they, sensitively reacting to a nervous house situation and not receiving attention and care from the parents occupied with the problems.

In addition, in a pursuit of truth you made witnesses of the misfortune of strangers who not always sincerely sympathize with you.

You are offended, humiliated, there is a wish that the earth burned under legs at the traitor. Nevertheless is not necessary, like Samantha from the movie Sex and the City to stick on all columns the rascal`s portraits with the explanatory text as well as with whom you were changed by this villain.

How it was heavy, absolutely optional to devote acquaintances and girlfriends in the family affairs. Even parents not always need to report that the husband had a holiday romance and that you feel now. Consider physical and moral forces of relatives. Whether they will be able to endure without serious consequences this trouble?

In this situation communication with the psychologist who will help to overcome a depression is useful, to restore composure and who knows, maybe, to improve the relations in a family.

Your mutual desire to stay some time far away from each other hardly testifies to full harmony. According to psychologists, it occurs at violation of emotional relationship and in the presence of the hidden intra family conflict. Something needs to be corrected by means of the expert, to talk seriously and frankly with each other.

If you want to keep a family, do not test the partner for durability, sending its one to tropical countries where the stupefying aromas of tropical flowers, gentle contacts of a warm sea wave, proximity of nude female bodies lead, according to scientists, to hormonal explosion which the mere mortal can just not resist.

And the most important - do not peer too fixedly at faces of those who surrounded your partner on vacation, do not ask their names, let sleeping dogs lie.