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What will the Olympic Games of 2014 bring to us?

the Olympic Games of 2014 will open in Sochi today. This news joyfully and with enthusiasm was apprehended by all residents of Russia. And what the Olympic Games will bring to us? On this subject I decided to talk to the famous deputy, the party leader of LDPR Vladimir Volfovich Zhirinovsky right after the announcement of Sochi future Olympic capital.

- Vladimir Volfovich, tell, please, that you think of the Olympic Games of 2014?

- the Olympic Games are not technical action, it has world value. Because sport is a business card 21 - go centuries. The twentieth century, a century of revolutions and wars, epoch-making events ended. Now one ideology in the world - economy! And in this plan holding the Olympic Games is a big help for economy. This development of hotels, construction of sports constructions.

In usual time difficult happens to punch construction of large sporting venues, and so after holding the Olympic Games the South of Russia will get everything. Subsequently this construction can be taken as the model project and to repeat it in the Urals, in the Volga region, in the Far East. By then it will be already clear how many it costs and as it is operated.

Today the whole world knows that the Winter Olympic Games of 2014 will take place in Sochi. All will think of Russia. In it the advantage for all citizens of our country, and it unites. Here we now will live seven years preparation and holding the Olympic Games. Then we will think up new action. Perhaps, the World festival of youth and students we will also - prepare five more six years for it. And so further. It will be not the five-years periods connected with development of a virgin soil, and five-years period, the semiletka connected with holding world sporting events which are necessary to all for which all country will prepare.

Certainly, it is better to receive awards for sports victories, but not for participation in military operations. The younger generation has to know that where military awards - there death, blood, and in sport only personal achievements and pleasure. Sports competitions are both culture, and a leisure form, and prevention of crime, and prestige of the country.

The pleasure from sports victories is something special! This courage, force, training, endurance. It is not necessary to think of heredity and a genetic code! Please, be engaged, sports occupations will bring benefit. It and everything lost not to a casino where you went ten years. And is farther what? What page in your life? And in sport even if you began not the champion but only the first-rank sportsman, it to you grants the right it to be proud. These are your personal qualities, your achievements! You honestly achieved results! Or, for example, you in the market staid 20 - 30 years - well done! But it does not cause surge in positive emotions, it is your work. And here holiday!

21 - y a century, a century of sports festivals, all want to be copresent. Because only in achievement sport Not all can be Kostya Jiu and Rodnina, but just to go skating or to play hockey at the level of domestic teams - it can do all. To be praised by a suit from the couturier, the superior intelligence is not necessary, it was made not by you, and Yudashkin or Zaytsev. And the father earned money for it. And sporting achievements are yours! It is an example! It is eternal, on all 21 - y a century!

And it is valid I think, it is necessary to wish good luck to all our athletes, it is more to them than victories and new records. All of us look forward the Olympic Games and we support our athletes. Once again I want to thank V. V. Zhirinovsky for such interesting interview! All of good luck!