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How we were learned to draw?

I Envied the daughter who in six years got to very good art studio. It is difficult to wait from the small child of sequence and constancy in the hobbies. The daughter was also not neither consecutive, nor especially assidious - passed through many children`s addictions - galloped. Only interest in occupations in studio was invariable.

Why? I understood it when L. S. Trapeznikova, the founder and the head of studio, decided to begin the new program - training of small children together with parents.

The daughter was engaged in studio the fourth year, we with the son went in first class . Our group was very ridiculous - about ten children (4 - 6 years) and almost as much mothers. Or fathers - sometimes with two boys - stair-steppers their father - the orthodox priest came.

Taught us to everything that it is necessary at art school. Drawing, painting, composition, it is decorative - applied art, history of arts.

And me it became clear why my daughter and her fellow students so pulled always in studio. To meet we were lucky the ingenious teacher!

I felt improbable pleasure - and therefore that studied and therefore that the son was near - we could communicate in the course of the general work. And most of all because an adult half of the mind perfectly understood HOW we are taught. However, communicating with me out of occupations, our teacher of details of a technique did not hide.

It worked according to Boris Mikhaylovich Nemensky`s recommendations, the famous artist and the teacher, but by own technique. The interested can glance in the plan of occupations to estimate full value of work of our teacher.

The discount for age for small studiyets was only in one - tasks are calculated for a short time, intervals between four lessons were big - children in breaks ran and jumped in a lobby under supervision of the senior studiyets, and mummies drank tea at this time.

The equipment of drawing to very few people was given to a descent. Present what is difficult work for handles of kids - to shade! Try on on yourself a task: to divide a sheet A4 into 5 parts and to shade, having shown voice-frequency transition from light to dark.

Or: to construct a cube and to execute the same shading on sides. The same is with a pyramid, a cone, a sphere, the cylinder, plaster reliefs...

Our children together with us acquired not in words, and in practice what is composition, a composite spot how to place drawing on a leaf how to build a still life, revealing ratios of objects.

And here I will give an example of a task. Before us opened a door of a case on which shelf stood in two ranks various size, a form and colors of a bottle. We had to execute a sketch, having shown distinctions of sizes and forms, to define what of objects highest - low, wide - narrow, light - dark...

Water color painting was most difficult for many! Adult studiyets were afraid to allow spreading of paint, habitual for a water color, according to a leaf (worked at easels). Children in this regard felt more surely - but played for their all the time to put a brush in a mouth to remove from it excess water...

History of arts to us was read by art critics from the museum Rostov Kremlin . Either with slides, or in art gallery.

It is aware decoratively - applied art I became famous! At me best of all turned out curls leaflets, berries and flowers of the list stylized under Khokhloma. Even it was not given to my daughter! And here the Rostov enamel at me did not go - unlike children. Not for my character there was a tiny painting...

Children absorbed knowledge as a sponge water, their skills were improved week after a week. I on myself felt how I began to build still lifes more freely as surer I do sketches... I felt how these occupations change me, endowing with observation, an eye estimation, feeling of composition.

For the normal artist it is very important to be exposed. And our children participated in exhibitions, their works caused a positive assessment. Works of my children got, besides the general exhibitions, on a Christmas exhibition in Metz (France), one of works of the daughter (as she was sorry about it!) selected for the museum of the Russian Academy of Education...

Year on which our general exhibition - anniversary fell in honor of the fifth anniversary of studio, was crisis. The family of our teacher lived on two houses for a long time: the husband, the famous film artist, the teacher of the VGIK, and the oldest daughter - the student - in Moscow, with the younger daughter, the schoolgirl, - in our city... By the end of fall, after this most triumphal exhibition, our teacher transferred us to other teachers and left for the capital.

My children by inertia some time went to studio. But they felt - everything came to an end. The project on coeducation as it became clear nearly at once, was covered.

There are no replaceable people!

I keep the kind relations with our teacher. The Moscow art intellectuals chose our city " long ago; for rest . Here and Trapeznikov` family which already is completely given to cinema from time to time runs here - on the dacha . We see each other, rejoice each other, we are interested in family events...

Adjusted total of that operations on training us in art creativity as I understand, - certainly positive. The fact that we, children and adults, received from occupations in L. S. Trapeznikova`s studio - you will not take away from us.

Someone from pupils already chose on this profile to himself a profession, someone went in other ways. But all taught to see world around, to understand it, taught to enjoy creativity.