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To what criteria it is necessary to adhere at the choice of a hosting?

If you were going to create the website, then before you by all means there is a question of the choice a hosting - provider. Often, the people who are not knowing the market a hosting - services, choose bad provider, take his promises the word and make other inexcusable nonsenses. If you want to bring at yourself to the head order on a hosting, read this article, and, perhaps, you will understand the mistakes or if you did not face with dishonourable a hosting yet - providers, will not pass on a track of others mistakes.

One of the first questions which rises before the future a hosting - the client: what to choose - a paid or free hosting? To answer this question, you need to specify the aims which you will pursue during creation of the website. The paid hosting will be suitable for the corporate websites, the websites of a commercial orientation, large and average a web - projects. The free hosting in turn is suitable unless only for small homepages presently. So, if you chose type of a hosting which interests you, then can start reading the main criteria at its choice.

Paid hosting. the Main problem paid a hosting - providers - reliability . Often promise you that your website will work always and everywhere, smoothly, and as a result you receive a hosting which only 50% of time are in working order, and in the rest of the time your website is inaccessible or works with interruptions. The term which is used for an indicator of availability of the website as a percentage is called aptaym . On a normal hosting aptaym has to make not less than 97%. Is ideal aptaym in 100%, but it meets quite seldom. Even very good hosting can be sometimes inaccessible (usually at night or very early in the morning) from - for updates of the software on servers. Therefore, at the choice a hosting - provider, learn about his respectability and an aptayma in advance, look for about it responses on independent resources. The benefit, search engines can well help with it.

The second important criterion of the choice of a paid hosting is the price . The prices in the Russian segment a hosting - services are inversely proportional the competition in this market. And as the Internet - boom in Russia gains the steam, the competition in this services sector increases every day. However, I would not advise you to use the price as the main criterion of the choice of a hosting. Often beginners among a hosting - providers offer very tempting prices, than and ruin themselves since cannot pass to self-sufficiency and fall . Therefore, I would advise to choose enough large a hosting - providers, but not beginners because probability of closing of the beginner and falling is much higher than your website together with a hosting, than at old man though the prices can differ not in advantage old man .

The third important criterion of the choice is, actually, the provided services and services . But eventually this criterion fades more and more into the background as presently already almost all a hosting - providers, with rare exception, provide all functions, necessary for a normal hosting, and services. Obligatory functions for a paid hosting, I consider: the convenient control panel, WEB - the interface for mail, check of mail on viruses and spam (advertizing), an unlimited traffic, support of PHP, MySQL, phpMyAdmin, Zend Optimizer, Python, PERL5, Parser, SSH access. If the English names do not speak to you about anything, then and it is not necessary to press in their essence. Besides, support of subdomains is important for me though it can be necessary not for all.

The last important criterion, in my opinion, is existence and quality of technical support clients. Technical support of clients has to be polite, sympathetic, fast, competent. Only one existence of good technical support speaks about much. Also during creation of the website on a paid hosting the domain, but as it is separate history is very important, I will try to take up soon this question separate article.

Free hosting. All advantages of a paid hosting for free are shortcomings . Therefore, seven times think before making a final decision on use of a free hosting. But, if all of you - decided to use a free hosting, pay attention to several factors.

Domain . In most cases the free hosting provides you the free domain of the third level. As the domain is business card the website, it is very important. Long and not sonorous domain of a look your_name. free - web - hosting - for - all. com trudnozapominay will also not be able to serve to you good service. So it is necessary to look for the domain, as much as possible sonorous and easy to storing.

Quantity of disk space . If on a paid hosting you can choose quantity of disk space necessary to you, then on free in most cases it is given the fixed quantity. Therefore well calculate how many for you it is necessary places on a disk, and look for a hosting under your requirements.

Here, in general, and everything that needs to be held in the head at the choice of a hosting. I want to notice that in this article the technical question was very briefly taken up. In most cases technical capabilities of a hosting correspond to needs of the client, but if you intend to create any extraordinary or unusual project, consult about it with technical support chosen as you a hosting - provider.

I hope that everyone who will read this article, will choose to himself an excellent hosting what sincerely and I wish you!