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What can be the coded lock? And why it is cracked, listening?

Suitcases of travelers, doors of entrances, cases with documents, bicycle safety controls - here and not only you can meet a subject of our article - coded locks. Practically right after the invention James Sardzhent in 1857 the first such mechanism with a reliable method of replacement of a code they got popularity at producers of safes and at security services of banks. To be fair It should be noted that the first sample of the coded lock was created much earlier - in the 16th century. Gerolamo Cardano , the son of the friend Leonardo Da Vinci was his author . By the way, attribute to the same ingenious scientist of Renaissance creation of the driveshaft.

Benefit from use of coded locks is obvious - is excluded a possibility of physical loss of a key . Human forgetfulness remains the only chance to close the lock forever - but even here you can be helped so-called the master - the " codes; who are established on some types of coded locks at plant and will allow to cope in any situation with the metal security guard. Besides, can transfer a key to unlimited number of persons absolutely free of charge - it is worth remembering that " only; what is known by two, also the pig " knows; and not to forget to change periodically a confidential combination.

Speaking about types of coded locks, it is possible to allocate two main. The first is coded locks with one type-setting circle . Such devices, as a rule, put in safes and padlocks. They became heroes of many Hollywood tapes - to clicks of coded locks with one type-setting circle the actors representing thieves listen through a stethoscope. The reason of poshchelkivaniye - in a lock design. Under a type-setting circle there are several parallel disks. When we choose the correct situation for the first, the clove of the lock passes to the second that is followed by a characteristic sound. The method of fight against such breaking is simple - to make a design of the lock such that it makes a sound not only at right hit. High-quality locks with one type-setting circle have quite high resistance to opening, and are suitable for protection of important documents or values.

The second and less reliable type of coded locks - locks with several turntables . Usually we meet them in suitcases, cases and bicycle cables. Similar locks - one of the most vulnerable. Click at the choice of the correct provision of one of disks is characteristic of them too, but even if you cannot hear it, search of the three-digit lock consists in test of only 1 000 combinations - on it less than 20 minutes will be required. For this reason coded locks with several turntables are not used for protection of important objects.

The type of coded locks which is not considered as the basic, but gaining popularity - digital . It is deprived of the main weakness of fellows - clicks at the correct provision of a disk, but has the weaknesses - including special methods of digital breaking and such easy way as detection of the most shabby keys on the panel.

Let all your values will always be in safety.