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What is required for daily care of nails?

to receive positive result, it is necessary to work. It belongs to any business including to a manicuring. It is possible to shift cares to the master - the professional. The good decision, but not each woman is capable to pay daily its services and to spend time for visit of salon. Yes, yes, daily. Beauty demands if not the victims, then efforts for certain.

For daily leaving not only time and efforts, but also which - what material objects are necessary. Not to do without good cuticle scissors. They have to be with slightly rounded off ends and convenient rings. Stupid, hard, with a big gap between cloths will not approach. The tool is necessary for work, but not for fight against him. Tweezers (nippers) and a knipser will not prevent (nippers with the top lever so are called). By the way, both scissors and nippers can be different for nails and a cuticle. But it is possible to manage also universal.

It is better to choose a nail file glass, fine-grained, with a teflon or silver covering. Some producers claim that it is possible to work with their nail file in any direction. I think that it is worth - keeping everything the nails and to be limited to the traditional unidirectional zapilivaniye. Moving away of a cuticle will require a rake or a stick from an orange tree. For massage and clarification - a soft brush.

From expendables it is worth stocking up with oil for a cuticle, the strengthening varnish and hand and nail creams, and also oil and sea salt for trays.

A half of visible effect of manicure is provided by nail varnish. He can not only hide small shortcomings, but also on the contrary, completely to spoil a type of a hand and, as a result, general impression from your style.

The choice of color of a varnish - a responsible thing. Dark tone can visually correct a shape of a nail. Light is more universal, gives a well-groomed look. Nacre is not suitable for uneven nails, it emphasizes all natural shortcomings. Spangles in a varnish do it stronger.

A brand of a varnish and appearance of a bottle - not the most important indicators. Well, unless except for most dreadful . The insignificant difference in quality is observed between the most expensive and cheapest varnishes. Indisputable advantage of the known labels - wide color gamut and shades.

The old varnish can thicken. Upon purchase check: the cap opened for the first time publishes characteristic click, the drop has to slide off a brush easily and quickly. For test apply couple of layers on a nail, it will allow to define a saturation of a shade and to estimate quality of laying.

The brush has to be average rigidity, long, almost on nail length, with the equal, densely laid fibers. Shortcomings of a brush are shown in uneven coloring of nails. Acquisition of a separate natural brush will be the good decision.

The color varnish is imposed on the nail which is previously covered with a basis or the leveling means. As a last resort, as a basis the usual colourless varnish will approach. If to neglect a basis, nails with guarantee will turn yellow.

Well, that`s all, the minimum set is described. Maximum? It just does not exist. For the sake of beauty it is a pity for nothing.