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Locks - but not medieval. How to protect the bicycle?

the Bicycle - quite popular vehicle, and recently - not only at youth. This vehicle not only helps with fight for a sound body, but also allows to reach with the acceptable speed the place necessary to you. But there is a new problem - how to leave the iron companion unguarded and to be sure that you will find him on the former place. Fortunately, this problem is already solved - there are bicycle locks.

In the western countries the devices intended for the parking of the bicycle - in a special way the curved pipe designs to which it is very convenient to attach your eco-friendly transport are installed everywhere. Unfortunately, I did not see any similar installation in the city - I doubt that there is a lot of them also in other part of Russia. Our compatriots should resolve an issue more simply - to arrest bicycles to trees, electric and to lampposts, fences and all other tightly to the objects attached to the earth. By the way, it is worth remembering that the lock which is put on one of wheels does not guarantee yet what upon return of you will expect all bicycle entirely. Therefore ideal is considered the security system which is not allowing to disconnect each of wheels from a frame, and a frame - from object, inseparable from the earth . Whether here only each cyclist will spend time and money for such number of locks?

There are several types of locks for the bicycle. U - the figurative lock (it D also call - figurative) allows to attach a wheel to a frame, and also a frame or a wheel to motionless object. Such locks are considered the most reliable and resistant in relation to influence of tools, but are still subject to destruction from explosion or from a meeting with the powerful scissoring tools or hydraulic. Other shortcoming consists in a rigid design of the lock - it will prevent to chain the bicycle to non-standard designs and wide columns.

Locks from a chain considerably differ on reliability degree. If your bicycle security guard is made of a usual iron chain, then he can be without effort cut by quite cheap tool from household shop. Another matter if special alloys and a form of a chain are used - they will not allow the tool of malefactors to cope with it. But you remember that reliability of it security aids is often equal to reliability of the weakest link - and to them often there is a lock. Strength of such device - the big length of a chain allowing to chain the bicycle to the most different support.

Cable locks are in many respects similar to the colleagues from a chain. They can also brag of solid length, but weigh less and are more convenient in use. The cable can terminate in the closing mechanism or two loops where you can hang up a standard padlock. Weakness - it is even simple to cut the thickest steel cable. Enough often such locks are used for an attachment to a frame of wheels, and protect a frame by means of more serious adaptation.

The special type of locks is made by those which do not allow to rotate to wheels , but do not arrest the bicycle to objects of world around. They approach in that case when you leave the transport for short time in the crowded place - for example, near an entrance to shop.

If you live in the city of kleptomaniacs, then it is possible to take even more serious step - to replace standard bicycle bolts on special, demanding a key for untwisting. So you obtain a guarantee that never you will leave a seat, a wheel, wheels, pedals or a luggage carrier.

Happy driving! Do not forget to put on a helmet.