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What secrets hide the English locks?

Without mysticism are boring. Boringly not because it is banal there are no thrills, and there is a wish that something in this life did not fit into habitual canons, the physical laws (from which withdrawal can be recorded with the probability aspiring to zero) established and which are not able to be disproved subsequently axioms. In a word, a framework for which exit is impossible (at least, it is considered / is proclaimed that), and attempt to carry out it is fraught with sidelong glances or at best neutral silence.

Thank God to wither in vanity of the cities aspiring somewhere in themselves - at all not destiny to which all and remains what to obey. To escape on the nature (a traditional measure for rescue of life rolling in whirlpool of city life) - good business, considers the majority. I, admit, to the country I do not consider myself as the fan of similar demarches, however, in principle against I have nothing. However nature it is often rural areas, that with a sufficient frequency discord. Our opportunities to get on kantrisayd it is similar to what near by at prudish citizens of Elizabeth II, is frank not (though at us all the same the nature is better). If, naturally, not to wave there where (who knows?) there are no ours yet, or perhaps and was not at all.

But, declare some of whose honesty to make sure - not it and the lung put that places in which not everything you will explainably and optional keep unperturbable calm were not translated hitherto. Others repeat that they they are cock-and-bull stories for those for whom was not enough in the childhood of fairy tales for the night.

Perhaps it and so. Only there is no wish to believe that there is nothing and. Therefore whether that on ominous romanticism pulled, or perhaps from - for desires to prolong pleasure longer with in parallel the taking place work of a piece of the gray substance responsible for mind not always hot.

Claim that in the lock Pauderkhem (County of Devon) in one of hiding places was found by two skeletons (one in one): the woman and her not been born child. After that ground in a lock stone a little, it is worth believing, centuries ago of the lady (more true, her spirit) became not the constant guest, not the real owner of the lock. Scientists did not manage to establish whom was this woman and under what circumstances she was put there where was until recently.

Old Sherborne Castle (County of Dorset), speak, and today pleases some of the visitors with an opportunity to contemplate not only the figure of the old lady moving in the same direction (according to the assumptions expressing earlier it was sacrificed on settling down under the lock English - a Saxon cemetery). This is not the only constant inhabitant of a massive construction. Once, during a difficult siege to which this stone fortress was exposed many her defenders died, but to the enemy fortress was not given. They say that still spirits of many knights wander about the lock in search of the last fight.

Lock Uordor (County of Wiltshire). The only stronghold was not succeeded to defend lady Blanch who decided to fight back the enemy who took the lock in a siege, and eventually the brave defender was disgraced and cruelly killed. It is easy to guess who sees each other especially impressionable (or lucky - unlucky?) to visitors of the former fortress under the leadership of lady Blanch

That is interesting, has to speak not to all good luck I Trust on a question of existence of ghosts, phantoms or the poltergeist after visit of legendary English medieval castles. But is, anyway, such that in all seriousness and decent emotional lift it is ready to share the feelings (which vary for selfless horror before innocent triumph from what was seen) that necessarily arise then - that the unusual, happened to them in centuries-old walls monumental construction(s). Here the question concerns especially the relation of people, in other words, everything develops into the game I trust - I do not believe . Or perhaps not only on belief everything is stopped here?

The scientific explanation of phenomena like mentioned here to you for certain is known, representing in most cases something similar on brought further: influence of the atmosphere (in direct and figurative meanings), light, sounds, shaded in addition by a condition of the person who often prepares for extraordinary, merging together, create illusion. I see. And if all not so? If to assume thought that we do not possess at this stage of development by the corresponding tools for knowledge of similar things which physics as science to explain, and therefore in many respects simply not to recognize able? If to admit to itself that lack of visibility is not identical to lack of life (existence)? If, at last, structure of a brain of most of people already in itself has to (who knows?) to be in a conflict with ability to see, understand what is brought as a result under the concept mysticism ? Such questions it is possible to put you understand how many, and anyone will be able to answer them hardly straight off. But to reflect all the same happens it is useful.

England, locks. Here also these words in this article were heard. Frightened off mystery and uncertainty. Though, perhaps is also not present: the Russian - that the English ghosts, it is reasonable to assume, and do not know

of Good luck to you