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Why the business is necessary to not everyone? The Dilemma that it is better - own business or work - faces

many people, choosing the course of life. Such question was brought up also in To School of life in Mikhail Gruzdev`s article. But whether it is possible to answer categorically a question - what of two occupations will suit more you - conducting the business or work in the company belonging not to you? Let`s try to understand it by means of science.

Science, namely one of classics of the theory of management doctor David Makkleland, allocates three types of human wants. Them are the need for achievements, need for accessory and need for the power. At each of us there are all types, but they are expressed in different degree - depending on structure of the requirements, we estimate satisfaction degree from in what we are engaged. Let`s reflect, work or the business allow to satisfy the called aspirations better?

The need for the power is, at first sight, best of all satisfied at the one who is engaged in own business. Only the owner has full freedom in decision-making and does not bear before anybody responsibility in the organization. Of course, in the company the owner of the business surpasses in the level of the power even the executive director of any multinational corporation - the last answers at least to meeting of shareholders. But whether we can safely claim that the person possessing absolute control over ten employees of the shop has more power, than the head of ten thousand subordinates, let and not in own company? Most likely, such statement will be, at least, disputable. So will satisfy need for the power more - the business or work as the manager under the contract? And if not the manager? The power over minds of people which is possessed by the hired journalist from The New York Times with a circulation of 1 120 420 copies daily concedes to the power of the owner of repair garage in Magadan?

Need for achievements - here that line which very often forces people to become on the way of small business. People with this property are inclined to choose such kinds of activity where the result will be obvious and easily measurable - for this purpose own business is practically ideally suited. The need for achievements influences even the choice of favourite sport - bowling, billiards or golf becomes it - here you do not depend on team and at once see results of own game. But such people can comfortably feel and in the company with the strong internal competition between employees - some in such atmosphere achievement of own purposes can seem to even more fascinating.

The need for accessory urges the owner to be part of the big company, but not the owner small. This aspiration is observed at many people. Honestly, when you will be asked about the place of work what answer will be more pleasant to say - the fact that you the assistant to the analyst in McKinsey (in which turn is close to four billion dollars a year), or the fact that you the owner of a workshop on repair of TVs? Communication, opinion of people around are important for people with pronounced need for accessory - they even at a leisure will choose quiet picnic, but not competition to others.

Reflect in what degree these three requirements are expressed in you and try to give correct only for yourself the answer to a question what all - is better - work in the companies or possession of it?