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What is “ blog “ and with what it is eaten?

That it “ blog “? Speaking on - scientific, the blog is the website where his author regularly publishes records, images or multimedia. In a literal translation from English, “we b log “ means “ network magazine “. In English the phrase “web log“ was transformed to “blog“ and got accustomed in Russian as “ blog “. It is easy to assume that authors of blogs are called bloggers. According to the Washington Profile newspaper as the first blog consider Tim Berners`s page - Li, one of founders of the Internet where he, since 1992, published news. The wide dissemination of blogs began only since 1996.

Blogs can be divided on personal, group and public. The author of the blog has personal blogs only. In it it can share the impressions, the taken place events, to strike up new acquaintances. Group blogs are created by group of the people united by one purpose. It can be, for example, the corporate blog where notes from workplaces and progress of the company are published. Public blogs are had by time in hundreds and even in thousands of people! The website on which you are now - Shkolazhizni can serve as a striking example of the public blog. ru. Here any user can publish the article on the subject interesting him which, perhaps, will be published on the main page and in mailing.

Besides, the blog can be had as on the hosting (they are called “ autonomous “ blogs), and by means of free services. The benefit, such is full now. For example, Russian LiveInternet or American LiveJournal known in the people as LJ. Free of charge and ease of creation of such services attracts people therefore the vast majority of blogs is on such services, but not on own hosting.

Will be not superfluous given to bring from the report “ Blogosphere of the Russian Internet “ from Yandex. According to research of analytical group of department of marketing of Yandex for September, 2006, the number of Russian-language blogs is already more than one and a half million, and - it is more than 80 million records (posts). On average, every second there are three new records, and each hour one hundred new blogs. According to the same research, the Russian blogosphere advances growth rates of a world blogosphere. Since 2003 the number of blogs in a world blogosphere doubles each half a year. The Russian users for the first nine months 2006 registered twice more diaries, than for all 2005.

Lighting technical capabilities of blogs, it is necessary to admire. Opportunities present blogs represent a great lot! Except usual “ postingovy “ functions, by means of blogs it is also possible to comment on others posts, using the contact information, to use tags for simplification of orientation and search, to publish photos, videos and podcasts, to contact quickly the author of the blog. In the interview with Pyerrik Dyutua published earlier - the French specialist in creation, development and promotion of blogs - we can learn that “ for many people blogs are a peculiar therapy, a way to express the life on the other hand, than they do it at work. I was surprised when I learned how many people refused visit of psychotherapists after they had an opportunity to express the emotions in blogs. Writing is a peculiar therapy, and the publication of blogs is an opportunity to receive a comment from anyone “. Also in this interview you can learn a lot more new and interesting.

Today many people use blogs for commercial purposes. So, by means of blogs it is possible to find adherents in new the Internet - undertaking (startup), investors, partners, or just to advertize some event, people or brands. For example, the effective public relations by means of blogs describe in the book “ Media Sapiens. The story about the third term “ the popular Russian writer - Sergey Minayev. Apparently, the Internet and blogs strongly get into our life.

Since 2004 the Internet - division of the German broadcasting company “ German wave “ holds the international competition on the best blog. The name at a competition suitable - “ The Best of the blogs “. Besides German, the blogs written in the English, Arab, Spanish, Chinese, Portuguese, Netherlands, Persian, French or Russian languages can participate in a competition. The competition is divided into the nominations: “ The Best web ravine “ “ The best podcast “ “ The Best video blog “ “ Prize “ Reporters without borders “ “ “ The Most unusual blog “ and ten nominations for ten best blogs in the languages. And I hope and sincerely I wish that this competition did not avoid Shkoluzhizni. ru …