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Whether the Olympic Games in Sochi are necessary?

Speak, all country deserved these Olympic Games. A few days ago I returned from Sochi. There all columns are stuck with propaganda posters: We for Sochi!!! or SOCHI 2014 - a stage of new culture! Surprisingly, but, in my opinion, nobody understands WHAT now occurs and that will occur - what not to avoid any more! The commissions are created, funds are allocated, these most allocated funds successfully accustom. To achieve holding the Olympic Games in the country - a problem of the state scale. Already now it is impossible to stop, it is impossible to turn process back we Will take

, for example, my small resort town of Tuapse which is in one and a half hours` journey from Sochi. Now made the decision to combine the city of Tuapse and Tuapsinsky District only to construct the underwater chemical terminal by 2014! Really nobody understands that if to make it, then Tuapse will not be a resort any more, and he will become the second Chernobyl?! Only this time everything will be under water, and, God forbid, something happens, all our enormous port to oil and other rubbish, our huge oil depot will blow up!

You imagine how many it will be required funds for total re-equipment of automobile routes for territories from Dzhubga to Adler to provide the sufficient capacity of transport networks? To explain to you from where money for it will undertake? Probably, you will guess. Of course, from us!

As always, the most important question demanding the answer: To Whom is it favorable? Speak to me from the TV screen: To All of us ! To us? About whom there is a speech? I have something the general with the President of Russia? With the CEO Gazprom ? In what benefit for us? Sadly, but answer: In anything .

The recent World Ice Hockey Championship demonstrated: the simple person can get on stands large-scale, pathos, is state - an important sporting event, only if this person not the mere mortal. You think that we will be able to get on the Olympic final of hockey tournament? You about - about - very much are mistaken! All people who will be able to go there - acquaintances of acquaintances of the brother of my sister who is a stepbrother of the mayor of Sochi. Here so everything will look As spoke " earlier; on protection ! Or, maybe, I will be able then, to drive after the end of games on ski slopes of that slope which is equipped on means " now; Gazprom ? In my opinion it is ridiculous

A now I will tell you that the state thinks! The Olympic Games are a big action of the state scale, and money in the country - as usual is not enough But Russia - not Vietnam! Open spaces are big, there is a lot of people. If to remove with everyone 30 rubles a month, then the sum quite noticeable will run. The essence is clear? Prepare, dear taxpayers! Soon, already soon, any day we will begin to pay for the Sochi roads, the Sochi hotels, sports constructions and infrastructure, for protection of objects, safety - yes there so much!!! And it is not important at all, there will be it I (living in Krasnodar Krai) or you? The federal program, you have to understand

Regional structures, of course, will strain local business, and arrangement of territories will surely lay down on shoulders of the Sochi businessmen. You understand, a problem of the state importance. It is impossible to lose face . And Gazprom will quietly arrange well an own slope of the mountain. Then still to Rosneft some slope will pick up. There is a lot of slopes, and on Sberbank will be enough.

For many of us it be valid the only chance to get on competitions of such level, to observe favourite athletes, to feel this enormous as energy of stands can, and they are without leaving the country. I do not argue that would like to test all this, I, as well as at everyone, have favourite sports, athletes, sports channels and patriotism did not disappear yet. For someone Games will remain only dream, for the above-stated reasons. And for someone life after them will become even worse (in particular for me).

At my, especially private judgment, the Olympic Games are the same New Year. You wait for it, you wait, you prepare for it all year, and then bang and all! You only remember morning on January 1! In total as though died out, everywhere a lot of garbage, bottles, pyrotechnics and the head hurts. After the Olympic Games it will be absolute in the same way, only instead of a lot of garbage and bottles there will be an air, and the headache and will remain. Well, we can change nothing therefore it is necessary to take from them everything that can be taken, to reconcile, and without standing out from the crowd, to look forward to them!!!