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How I learned to cook beer soup? The Guides accompanying tourists in walk by motor ship on the Rostov lake of Nero surely mention

: a pier, Peter I exactly here, in Rostov, at first was going to build that batic that nowadays is called grandfather of the Russian fleet also takes place in Pereslavl Zalessky.

But as Nero it is nearly to the brim filled with lake silt, sapropel, Petr called this lake dirty (or Rostov) pool also otkochevat with the ship-building plans on Pleshcheevo`s lake.

Without batic, but with Nero`s sapropel remains nevertheless the lake - and fulfills the lake duties regularly. Grows up fish - what provides prosperity to local poachers and delight to souls of visiting fishers with - fans. Shelters a natatorial game - and supplies hunters with this game. Participates in formation of weather - why in Rostov all winds blow towards the lake. Accepts city drains. Adds couple of points to the program of service of tourists. And gives in the winter the chance to have a good time to fans of kiting.

What concerns navigation - since the end of XIX on the middle of the 20th century went wheel parokhodik here - the wheels though silt dispersed. Then the lake appeared in undivided power of different models of boats, oar and motor.

Meanwhile, there is a historical evidence that in ancient times the lake was connected in the navigable ways with those edges where Varangians on the Viking ships swam - frames of one such Scandinavian castle were found here by archeologists.

This ancient history and existence of a huge reservoir cast to one visiting Petersburger, Sergey Aktayev idea - to construct the Viking ship for swimming at least on the lake (Sergey participated in construction of a frigate " in due time; Standard so experience of construction historical the ships had).

Constructed a castle.

Floated. Carried away the ship wind to the opposite coast somewhere. The crew long removed against wind. Around a small boat turned motorka - suggested to drag to the city, but the men who were feeling like already ideological descendants of Vikings it is proud refused...

I, having jumped on the coast with the camera, went together with crowd of local beau monde to shipyard - celebration on the occasion of descent of a castle to water was planned there.

There - that also happened the main thing for me an event of that day. There I observed creation of soup with beer, and then tried it and elicited at the author of soup retseptik.

The owner of a castle, the local lumberman was the author. This soup he called for some reason hashlamy - I who is brought up on Pokhlebkin understood that he fine is mistaken because this food has no relation to a national Armenian dish. Therefore I will be better to call it just tomato beer soup.

I managed to consider only the final stage of cooking of soup - when the culinary specialist poured in a huge copper with is red - a brown soup four big plastic bottles of beer. In a trice to the brim the wave of multi-colored foam rose - and fell down after stirring. Then soup was poured on circles and distributed to all with the prevention: Very hotly! .

It was very good. Augustus, very cool evening with so fresh breeze from the lake... Gradually got dark. And here among this freshness there is a fiery soup! In the color fiery, peppery taste, goryachestyyu the!

Around everything darkened and darkened, huge a poplar over shipyard - a shed from a bar and a film - furiously rustled, the castle all did not come back - communication with it by the mobile phone was held, frostily worried - both drank soup, and zanyukhivat vodka.

Vykhlebav to steam of mugs of this soup, I understood that I will not be able to live if I do not find out a secret of its preparation. Having the right of the journalist for impudent curiosity, I stuck to the culinary specialist accepting praises. He told - everything, having concealed only similitude about composition of seasonings.

Seafarers we waited. They came, such courageous, dragging oars and a sail, seated at the arranged with a table to be treated before a shed with soup and all other. We stood silently around, waiting when they a little take rest and will tell swimming details...

For the next day, directly since morning I began to prepare for a lunch. Were necessary a beer bottle (light, I emphasize!) meat is (a lot of), tomatoes there is (a lot of), onions (2 features) and some spices. For the first four case did not become, and here about spices it was necessary to worry enough. Sellers of spices were careful to give advice, trying to push to me some ready universal mixes.

Eventually I collected little by little a certain mix from pepper (red), a marjoram and a basil, parsley, fennel, a coriander, a thyme and a fenugreek. For appearance decided to add such it is red - yellow threads which dealers call a saffron. Dealers said to me what it is better to take just hop - sunel, but I did not wish to listen to anybody.

Having been with this production home, I began to execute the recipe.

In a pan, big such, I put 1200 gr. beef (approximately) also filled in with cold water. As soon as water with meat began to boil - filled up small cut onions there. All this cooked long - long, it is more than one and a half hours. Only after when broth became more tasty than the meat which was breaking up to fibers, and onions in general all disappeared, put there swept the cut tomatoes - it is more than 1 kg.

Tomatoes boiled soft very quickly. When they stopped being on themselves though in a trifle are similar, I filled up spices.

In a couple of minutes, having called children, filled in beer in a pan. This moment completely coincided with what I saw the day before on shipyard. There was a foam, foam fell down - and all (I will notice by the way that opponents of accustoming to drinking of the people have nothing to be afraid - alcohol at boiling evaporates).

Meat, tomatoes, onions turned out as a result of a razvarena to such an extent that soup represented almost uniform, slightly ropish liquid. Therefore - that also should be not eaten it, and to drink - from time to time stirring slowly with a spoon.

Having tried different structures of a set of spices, I nevertheless understood that the man in vain to fog made up. From spices, in fact, only one pepper was necessary. Councils of dealers about hop - sunel - very correct.

And beer defined everything. Well, and tomatoes, of course. And meat. But beer gave both taste necessary, and a consistence.

... I on this castle did not manage to swim for a while. Sat in it together with a lot of journalists once ( a press - round such) - wind beat a ship to the coast, otgrest could not. Well, rocked on waves, shot courageous faces of oarsmen...

In general, at the end of fall set fire to a castle. Whether competitors, whether teenagers suffering from inaction - it did not become clear...