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Where there is a Museum of irons?

Iron. To them iron, calm, frighten... Purely female bagatelle. And what is the time in the life lovely young ladies will see off behind a linen ironing? It is routine and tiresome process...

And here in the nice city of Pereslavl-Zalessky took yes organized the museum to this iron. Moreover as organized - with jokes, humourous catchphrases and valiant enthusiasm.

Gathering in a cultural campaign on one of the cities of the Golden Ring of Russia - to Pereslavl-Zalessky, along with historical sights the Internet issued the reference to the unusual museum. Only the address and the name - " was specified; Museum of the " iron;. I for some reason awfully wanted to get there, but here trouble - my associates were skeptical about my idea and only laughed.

After survey of obligatory points of a route on the central road we saw a bright and cheerful lodge. What my surprise when on a bright small fence and a facade of a lodge I saw a colourful inscription was: Museum of the iron. Arrived . Near a lodge - the cozy yard with the souvenir shop and a lovely Baba-yaga on an old stool at an entrance - a peculiar charm in human growth.

We enter the house. At first - souvenirs. Then - an entrance to the museum on the second floor. We pay tickets (20 rubles - the adult ticket) and we get to the Iron Kingdom. In the small room of rural style on numerous shelves amusing exhibits are placed. Here both classical steam heavyweights, and coal and even (!) spirit (with the plate Only to translate good ) .

Irons elaborate - with lions of handwork, with demountable details of unclear mission are placed by ranks. And supports under them what beautiful, the lovely sight is simple! Carved and openwork!

And still there is the smallest iron, the sizes of all about a coin. And it is made the most real jeweler master and the handle at him of an ivory. It was presented in gift and was considered as very expensive gift. It is obvious that it served for an otparivaniye of arrows on laces.

In a corner several polished samovars were located. There is in this muzeychik even a furniture from the palace, however, from sports palace, as is attributed on an old locker.

The guide very remarkable - tells tall tales remorselessly, pours sayings and national introductions. All irons can be touched and looked, photographed for memory.

For memory it is possible to buy the steam iron for registration of giving (price of 200 - 500 rubles) or a plate on a wall with subject of the museum. Well and the most pleasant impressions - it is free!