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Whether Kerensky from the Winter Palace in women`s clothing ran?

on May 4 (on April 22 on old style) 1881 all pedagogical color of this Volga city gathered in well-known Simbirsk to congratulate Fedor Kerensky, the director of a gymnasium in which still unknown Volodya Ulyanov studied then. The occasion was the most solemn - in Kerensky` family there was a replenishment - the first son Sasha was born (only daughters were born before). Was among tostuyushchy and Fedor Kerensky`s colleague - Ilya Ulyanov. Children of two teachers (Ulyanov was the immediate superior of Kerensky) could be friends, and became sworn enemies.

Almost century later, in April, 1970 when all Soviet Union was going to celebrate 100 - the anniversary of the leader of the world proletariat Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov - Lenina, someone from funnymen suggested to award with an anniversary medal in commemoration of 100 years since the birth of V. I. Lenin who is well in New - York Alexander Fedorovich Kerensky. The joke was not estimated

But the fact remains - theoretically Kerensky quite could drink gram 50 konyachka for mention of soul of the great fellow countryman. He endured Lenin almost on half a century.

And one more interesting fact: Kerensky`s father Fedor Mikhaylovich, as soon as learned about execution of the senior from brothers Ulyanov - Alexander - did not turn away as he many, from this family, and in every possible way helped. In particular, having written the positive characteristic 17 - to summer Volodya for receipt to the Kazan university. But also the only four (logically) in the certificate of the gold medallist V. Ulyanov was put by F. M. Kerensky.

It is impossible to tell that little Sasha`s childhood was cloudless. He had tuberculosis of a femur and some time walked in a special orthopedic boot. But you will not refuse to it thirst of knowledge - it ended a gymnasium with a gold medal too.

Very few people know, but at the beginning of revolutionary movement, in February, 1900 Sasha made the ardent speech to the same brothers - students. He openly urged students to help the people with liberating fight. Another for such seditious speeches would be expelled from Sankt - the St. Petersburg university, but considering the father`s merits, Sasha was given on bails to Fedor Mikhaylovich, having sent on the academic leave to Tashkent where Kerensky` family at that time lived.

And were farther also imprisonment in the well-known Petersburg Crosses, and successful protection in court of the risen peasants. At one time he closely communicated with the head of the Fighting organization of party of socialists - revolutionaries Evno Azef and even suggested it to kill the tsar Nicholas II. Then there was a protection of the workers brought to extreme poverty on Lensky mines, election in the State Duma of the IV convocation. Eight-months imprisonment. Generally, let and not such bright, as at the fellow countryman, but all the same revolutionary way.

In a thought Kerensky made critical speeches to the government and became one of the best speakers of the left fractions. He openly declared that revolution is the only method and a resort of the Russian state. The phrase caused indignation of the empress Aleksandra Fiodorovna trying to convince Nicholas II that this brisk speaker has to be hung up.

Kerensky accepted February revolution enthusiastically and from the first days was its active participant. He repeatedly addressed the risen soldiers, accepted from them the arrested ministers of the imperial government. Under the leadership of Kerensky replacement of protection of Tauride Palace by groups of the risen soldiers, sailors and workers was made.

Having become the minister, Kerensky lodged in the Winter Palace. He tried to uphold a reputation of the national minister, ordered to clean from the office not only expensive furniture and luxury goods, but also even portieres as

Here only Alexander Fedorovich`s spouse - Olga - opposed such activity of the husband in policy. Moreover, she flatly refused to move in Winter and by that threatened family life. Since then Alexander Fedorovich had one spouse - revolution! To which it with great feeling was also given!

Stories that Kerensky ran from the Winter Palace in women`s clothing, most likely, the myth distributed by Bolsheviks to humiliate the head of Provisional Government. It left from Winter in several hours before in this stronghold counterrevolutions sailors rushed. When the sailor ran, the soldier ran, shooting on the run Alexander Fedorovich was already in Pskov, in a staff of the Northern front. From here Cossacks under leadership of Kerensky and the Cossack general Pyotr Krasnov moved to Petrograd, but were stopped by Red Guards.

Ex-the head of Provisional government still some time was in Russia, trying to organize armed resistance to Bolsheviks, but soon, in June, 1918, having convinced that its figure everything became uninviting, Alexander Fedorovich left Russia. Forever. And Zinaida Gippius, sharp on language, in the diary gave such assessment to Kerensky: The Fatal person, the weak hero, the courageous traitor, the womanly revolutionary, the hysterical commander, the ardent, afraid of blood murderer. And very much - very unfortunate .

But also the former governor of Russia did not find mutual understanding with the western colleagues in Western Europe. At first it was accepted still, in particular, by heads of governments of Great Britain and France David Lloyd - George and Georges Klemanso. But they preferred to make investments for overthrow hated to them in Russia of the mode in other historic figures. And soon Kerensky appeared in full isolation - influential Russian families in emigration could not forgive him the fact that it profukat Russia.

Since 1922 Kerensky lodged in France where he successfully married the rich Australian. It did not need money so was engaged in writing of publicistic articles. Their names were quite predictable, for example, Accident Death of freedom etc.

Is remarkable that in 1940 when Paris was occupied by Hitlerites, Kerensky moved with the wife to Great Britain. But the English authorities not really - that were delighted to this arrival, they needed to create the coalition with the Soviet Union. Kerensky politely asked to leave the country. He went to the USA. Hitler`s Attack on the Soviet Union Kerensky at first welcomed

, and made it publicly. But, having realized that a main goal of the Fuhrer - not bringing of freedom to the Russian people, but extermination of all Slavs, changed the point of view

He lived in New - York, for many years taught the Russian history in New - York and Stanford universities. After the end of World War II it worked at Guverovsky institute of war, revolution and world. At this time he wrote three-volume History of Russia which covered the period since the most ancient times before the beginning of the 20th century. But this work did not interest none of publishers. But book Russia on historical turn which was published in 1965, reached the readers. Though it was rather the tribute to gray hairs of Kerensky who was going to celebrate the 85 - the anniversary. By the way, according to eyewitnesses, decrepit at this age Alexander Fedorovich did not look

By the way, at the end of life he intended to return in Russia to die in the homeland. In 1968 the message that Kerensky would like to arrive to the Soviet Union came to the Central Committee of CPSU. To it a condition was set: to recognize regularity of the Socialist revolution. Visit did not take place

He died in New - York on June 11, 1970