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How to catch crayfish?

Cancers - a delicacy but to buy them at restaurant - quite expensive pleasure. Today I will tell you as independently, almost alone to catch crayfish. In one small article, to my regret, it is impossible to tell about all ways therefore I will stop only on one, the least known.

We are going to catch crayfish. Usually crayfish are found superficially, all at a depth up to three meters, get also to a ten-meter mark less often. Considering such circumstance, we need the boat. From devices for catching of crayfish it is also necessary to stock up with a quantity of wooden stakes, old kapron tights or stockings, a quantity of an adhesive tape or cord, old electrodes for welding (will approach conducted - or motor-spokes), a thick scaffold or a kapron (linen) rope of reasonable thickness up to five meters long.

We prepare stakes. stakes can always be cut down ashore. Their quantity - any, as a rule, is not less than ten pieces. Length of stakes around two - three meters. It is necessary to choose rather equal branches (trees), a hazel grove, for example. Since one end stakes are pointed by a hatchet that it turned out peak, and the second end is just cut not to be wounded most and not to damage the boat if it is rubber.

A bait for crayfish. the Ordinary frog which on the coast can be caught a huge number before dark will quite fit as a bait.

We catch a frog. Big work will not be required. It is possible to catch a rod on a blade, to shoot from an air rifle, to shoot darts from the wind gun or to make usual darts (electrodes, conducted - motor-spokes). The quantity of frogs needs to be counted by quantity of stakes, approximately from three to five individuals on one stake. When frogs are caught, we singe them on coals from a fire a little, but not really long, minutes five, for a palenost smell.

Final preparation. we Take old kapron stockings, in each of them we put on three - five singed baits. We tie stockings to the ground party of stakes an adhesive tape or a cord, at the height from twenty to forty centimeters from an edge, it depends on sliminess of a bottom. Everything, we are ready to catch crayfish!

Process. By the boat we leave on small - five - ten meters - distance from the coast - it depends on depth. (The sharp end down) with a bait we stick stakes in a river bed. Distance between stakes - any: two - five meters. Upon termination of this fascinating occupation we descend on the coast and we wait, about an hour

What is created under water? the Smell of the singed bait attracts crayfish. They approach it and try to catch a forage. They manage to receive it hardly, and to seize here it, more precisely a stocking, claws work well on all hundred. Cancer will not release a bait, and and will remain on a hook long time.

An hour of expectation later, we come to water again and slowly we choose stakes from water. It is necessary to do it not sharply: crayfish will not be unhooked, just like that, just in case. At kind combination of circumstances and knowledge of habitats of crayfish, on one such stake it is possible to catch to ten crayfish of the average size for one calling. As a result, if it was pleasant, catching can be repeated several times: the bait - that is whole and began to smell it under water - too.

Information for beginners and fastidious. Cancer - very clean being, therefore the occurring opinion, that it eats only drop or rotten meat not absolutely exact, to put it mildly. Meat of a crawfish is more tasty, than meat of a shrimp though, and concedes in some sense to crabmeat. The fact that they in this case were caught on fake frog let does not confuse you, anything terrible especially as they it only also saw that through a stocking! You will never find crayfish in dirty, from the ecological point of view, reservoirs. the way Described above is good

the fact that it does not demand special and bulky tackles, type of a rachevna or brednya. Nonsense can catch at best together or three together, and here also one person quite copes. Breden limits catching range, and racheven it is difficult to transport about ten to the place of catching and back from - for their dimensions.

That`s all. Successful to you catching and bon appetit!