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How to make vegetarian pilaf?

Of course at whom pilaf a vegetarian dish will turn to call language! All know that meat for pilaf is one of the most important components. All of us loved pilaf which was cooked by our mother. And since the childhood we remember a special kettle with thick walls which intended for pilaf. Recipes of preparation of pilaf is a subject of separate article.

Over the years addictions in our family were imperceptibly replaced, and with them also the dish changed. Really, in it there is no meat now, but to call it porridge language does not turn too. Anyway - estimate!

So, it prepares quickly enough. At preparation it is necessary to follow, at least, three rules. The first rule - it is necessary to wash out rice for pilaf not less than seven times in cold water and once in warm. The second rule - has to be present at pilaf MANY carrots and onions. The third rule - after water boiling pilaf needs to be sustained on VERY slow fire WITHOUT STIRRING under a dense roof thirty five minutes.

And now, actually, preparation. Rice for pilaf can be any. It depends on your taste. The main thing that it was whole, not shredded. Let`s take one and a half glasses of rice, we will pour out it in a wide bowl and we will carefully wash out cold water. I do it so: I fill in rice in a bowl with cold water, I mix his hands some time, then I merge water. Already seven times! Then I fill in more hotly and again slowly and carefully I mix and so I leave until I prepare carrots.

On one and a half glasses of rice it is necessary to take about five - six averages morkovin and three - four average bulbs. Be not afraid to perebavit, it will not worsen taste of pilaf. Pilaf at us vegetable. It is possible to add sweet paprika, tomato, but it as seasoning, the main thing - onions and carrots. Carrots we rub on a large grater, onions, pepper, we cut tomatoes straws. The vegetables made thus, all together, you pripuskat slightly in vegetable oil in a kettle or in a metal pan in which it is recommended to cook porridge. Here you add salt, black pepper to taste. You love hot dishes - add also red. Then it is necessary to merge water from our wetted rice and to lay out it from above on stewed vegetables an even layer. In the middle it is possible to thrust a small head of garlic. It should be washed out previously and, without clearing up to the end, to make an incision each segment. Accurately, trying not to mix, we fill in rice with hot water so it would cover it approximately on two fingers. On strong fire we bring water to boiling, then we do the smallest fire of what this plate is only capable, we cover a pan and even from above it is possible to cover with a napkin. And exactly thirty five minutes we do not touch a pan.

After the expiration of the set time we remove pilaf from fire, the cover can be opened, mixed and tried. If you did not guess amount of salt, add some salt. Add small cut greens of fennel and parsley and (or) a basil. All this to taste. Let`s stand minutes ten to of your dish and it is possible to give to a table. Bon appetit!