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What hides the Bermuda Triangle?

Triangle. On the one hand is a simple geometrical figure. On the other hand - the secret occult symbol which is found in many civilizations. Three corners, three sides magic number 3 . No wonder that the triangle can be found on secret letters, symbols, pentagrams. Also it is not surprising at all that the most mysterious places and structures can be connected with triangles too: the Egyptian pyramids, David`s star (the Jewish symbol formed by imposing of two triangles), the Bermuda Triangle.

The first mention of the Bermuda Triangle can be carried to the middle of the 20th century. Till this time it was not outstanding place. It is considered that the first mystical cases began to occur near Bermuda, as served as the final name of all territory. Since then writers and journalists haunted this to the place, having glorified it for ages.

The Bermuda Triangle has no clear boundary, it is impossible to find its exact designation on the card. Different scientists define its location on the discretion. Its most widespread definition is an area in the Atlantic Ocean between the Bermudas, Puerto - Rico and Miami. Total area - of 1 million square kilometers . However name of this area too conditional, therefore name Bermuda Triangle is not geographical.

The Bermuda Triangle has ill fame. There is a huge number of evidence of disappearance in it of the ships, planes, submarines. Moreover, if the vessel all - managed to be found, then crew and passengers vanished completely. Traces of breakages or a distress signal in one case were not. There was also evidence of disappearance of objects from a radar for several minutes.

The truth it or fiction of journalists - is difficult to understand. Most likely, real stories intertwine with legends, acquire rumors. Confuses also the fact that too many movies are shot and many books about this phenomenon are written. Therefore it is heavier to separate reality from conjectures doubly. It is necessary to collect the facts on particles.

It is possible to tell with reliability that a bottom landscape, the direction of winds and a current in this place studying are worthy. At a certain combination of circumstances also anomalies can meet here. Long ago it is proved that this zone is subject to frequent emergence of a tornado, whole gales that is already unsafe for vessels, and disorders in the atmosphere can trap planes in air.

There are many publications that passenger and trade flights try to let in round of the Bermuda Triangle. However it is far from reality since too expensive to do such hook. And the people who visited a triangle demonstrate, generally that no devilry was observed. Supernatural feelings of passengers can be attributed to suspiciousness, and failure of equipment - to strengthening of magnetic fields or a storm.

Now the coasts adjoining on the territory of the Bermuda Triangle are very popular among tourists. Beautiful beaches, the wonderful nature and exotic attracts. Attracts many bad glory, one of the most mysterious places of the planet. Everything is better to check on own experience. Dare and do not despair if you do not find what you expect, legends of the Bermuda Triangle can be one of great mystifications of our time.